Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Health Benefits of Eating Avocado

Proven Health Benefits of Eating Avocado

The avocado is a rather unique type of fruit. Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats. Numerous studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health. Here are 12 health benefits of avocado, that are supported by scientific research.  


I love these hot winter days here in Southern California headstand day 31!

I have to say today's workout was hard but I got it done.  10 mile power walk with some squats and abs.  

I like to end my workout in the sauna to relax my muscles and sweat out the toxins in my body.  You can follow my training and train with me.  Take the Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge!   
-Walking Diva-

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Athletes Eat and Train

Walkers Eat and Train like Athletes
First you must stop telling yourself your too old then you must train like a athlete.  My day started at 6am with a beautiful sunrise and a 6 mile power walk.  I took it easy today yesterday's workout has me a little sore.  
We all have it in us, step up your fitness game!!!  Daily Headstand Day 30 of 365 on my journey to the 3100 Mile Race.  Daily headstands helps strengthens your back, arms, shoulders and abs.  My friend Teresa Jordan introduced me to headstanding in 2016 I took her challenge to do a headstand daily for 365 days and I did it and loved it.  This year Teresa brought back the 365 Days Headstand Challenge and what I like about this challenge is it keep you accountable and focus and it has many great health benefits.   
Nutrition is very important especially for me because I don't like to eat when I'm racing.  At Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race last year I lost close to 20 pounds.  I'm trying different foods and supplements.  

Training is not one of my favorite things to do however, one must train to be successful.  I worked my back and chest with a few reps of pectoral fly and push ups between each set of reps which total to 70 push ups.  My upper body is weak I was able to do 8 assisted dip/chin pull ups and believe me when I say it was hard!
A few weeks ago I was disqualified at the USATF Race Walk Nationals at mile 17.  I view failures as stepping stones to something amazingly awesome that God has planned for me.  I also use them as training tools and now I'm taking my race walking serious by practicing the race walk form and technique.  I think I did pretty well.
I like to end my gym workout relaxing in the sauna and sometimes I break out a headstand.  
Remember you're never too old to set a new fitness goal or to dream a new fitness goal.  I'm training for the 3100 Mile Race and you can train with me and join the 2018 Virtual Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge.  Sign up here and Train Baby Train!

Keep moving and smiling!
-Walking Diva-

Monday, January 29, 2018

Walking is a Sport

Walking is a Sport and I train like a Athlete!
Walking is a sport and I train like an athlete.  I'm honored and excited to get an invitation to power walk the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race again.  The 3100 Mile Race is the Longest Certified Footrace in the WORLD!  This year I will try many things different and my nutrition will be one of them.

My day started at 4:30am with a ten mile power walk at a 14-15 minute mile pace.  I enjoy walking in the early mornings I can get most of the miles in before the morning traffic.  Even when I have the right-away I still must watch for cars and most of the time I give them the right-away.
It was a beautiful warm morning here in Southern California.  I'm doing the 365 Days Headstand Challenge and today was Day 29 of 365.  I love doing headstands and there are many benefits of doing a daily headstand.  One benefit is headstands help strengthen your back.  When I'm racing sometimes my lower back starts to hurt and I develop a lean.  
Training for the 3100 Mile Race is intense not only do I put in high daily mileage but I also workout at the gym.  Today I worked my legs and abs along with some speed drills on the treadmill.

You can follow my training to the 3100 Mile Race and be apart of the journey by taking the Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge.  You decide how extreme and challenging you want by run, walk, bike, hike a mile or more daily for 52 straight days.  Sign up here

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Live Life Healthy and Smile!  
-Walking Diva-

Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018 Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge

Take the Challenge

The 3100 Mile Race was no joke it ate me alive I lost close to 20 pounds.  This year I’ll be trying new nutrition products eating more energy foods and protein while training.  I’ll post here and on Facebook Walking Diva athlete page my training.  Take the “Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge” and train with me.  You determine how extreme and challenging;  if your goal is to run/walk, bike, hike 10 miles daily for 52 straight days you must train not only your body but your mind.  

It takes 21 days to start or break a habit.  You can’t just get up on June 17th and go run/walk 10 miles, believe me, by Day 3 you will have so many excuses as to why you can’t run/walk today.  Many of you have jobs, family, kids, a dog, etc. however, if you make a decision, commit to your fitness goals, believe in yourself and have a NO EXCUSE attitude 10 miles a day or more for 52 straight days is POSSIBLE.  

 I power walked 60 miles + a day for 52 straight days to reach 3100 miles.  Go to my website and sign up today and let’s get this 3100 Miles of Smiles party started.  

Tip:  Set your fitness goals high and then break it down here is an example:  If your goal is 10 miles daily start with 3 miles daily for the first week.  You work?  1.5 miles before work and 1.5 miles after work.  Keep it positive and think of all the excuses why you should take the challenge and Train Baby Train!

-Walking Diva- 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 Inspiring People of the Year Steve Edwards

 Extreme Multi Marathon Runner 

STEVE EDWARDS Extreme Multi Marathon Runner

After running his first marathon at the age of 18 in 1981, Steve has gone on to run 806 official marathon races in an average finish time of 3hrs 18min for each which makes him one of the most successful multi marathon runners in the world today. 

Known by many in the UK running community as ‘The Godfather of Marathon Running’, Steve has set many records including running 500, 600, 700 and very recently 800 marathons in the fastest average finish time.

Previous World Records and Achievements 
 Dec 1990 - Youngest person to run 100 official marathon races - Aged 28 years 3 days. 
 Mar 1992 - Most official marathons run in a 12 month period - total 87, averaging 3hrs 14min for        each 
 May 1992 - Youngest person to run 200 official marathon races - Aged 29 years 161 days.  May      2008 - Fastest 10 official marathon races in 10 consecutive days - 35hrs 20min, (3:32 average).

Current World Records and Achievements 
 Mar 2009 - 400 official marathon races in the fastest average finish time (see below). 
 May 2009 - Fastest 10 marathons in 10 consecutive days in V45 category - 33hrs 16min (3:19            average) 
 Mar 2010 - 500 official marathon races in the fastest average finish time (see below). 
 Sep 2013 - 600 official marathon races in the fastest average finish time (see below). 
 Mar 2014 -   Fastest 7 marathons in 7 consecutive days in V50 category - 23hrs 34min (3:22                average) 
 Oct 2015 - 700 official marathon races in the fastest average finish time (see below). 
 Oct 2017 - 800 official marathon races in the fastest average finish time (see below). 

Time Performance Summary Current Average Finish Times Sub 3s - 27 His fastest 100 marathons - 3hrs 2min 16sec Sub 3:05s - 72 His fastest 200 marathons - 3hrs 6min 15sec Sub 3:10s - 145 His fastest 300 marathons - 3hrs 8min 39sec (UK best) Sub 3:15s - 325 (British best) His fastest 400 marathons - 3hrs 10min 29sec (World best) Sub 3:20s - 495 (World best) His fastest 500 marathons - 3hrs 12min 09sec (World best) Sub 3:25s - 625 (World best) His fastest 600 marathons - 3hrs 13min 52sec (World best) Sub 3:30s - 732 (World best) His fastest 700 marathons - 3hrs 15min 39sec (World best) His fastest 800 marathons - 3hrs 18min 01sec (World best)

 Other Statistics 
 Nov 2012 - First person in the world to run 500 sub 3:30 official marathon races. 
 Sep 2014 - First Brit to run 400 sub 3:20 official marathon races. 
 Mar 2015 - First person in the world to run 600 sub 3:30 official marathon races. 
 Jun 2015 - First Brit to run 300 sub 3:15 official marathon races. 
 Apr 2017 - First person in the world to run 700 sub 3:30 official marathon races. 
 60 official marathon race wins to date, the second most by any British athlete, 
 100 official marathon races run abroad in 34 different countries and 20 capital cities. 
 Official marathons races run in over 60 UK counties, including Scilly Isles and Outer Hebrides. 
 Competitive marathon race run on average every 13 days for nearly 30 years & no DNFs .. so far!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Inspiring People of the Year Renae Cobley

Mindset Coach and Gorgeous!

So who exactly is Renae Cobley? I am a specialist mindset coach who trains and works with people of all ages to think, train and perform like champions. We all know what inspiration and motivation feels like. However too often we struggle to find it.  I energise and mobilize individuals and teams towards greatness. The times in your life when you are to be challenged and must endure change I am there. That must win at all costs attitude that exists in us all can seem so overwhelming at times. When the task is challenging, daunting and you need that “wing mate” that’s when people recruit me.
I am a leader whom plays the infinite contest, competing against self every day. I have assisted people with career changes, relationships, public speaking, international running meets, lifestyle shifts, body transformations, change management, world records, book publishing and much more. I am blessed and it is my role to utilise it for the greater good.
My typical clients include those chasing great feats: Entrepreneurs, business leaders, elite athletes, coaches and aspiring athletes.

Life is like running a race. To look back it takes energy away from you. Life is about what YOU can do. Give it everything you have for yourself. Remember always what is real, but is lasting is who you are and what you were meant to bring into this world.
I coach the science and art of achieving mental and physical excellence. I open up your mind to possibilities that are beyond anything you have ever imagined. Most people don’t realise the enormous potential they have within them. I give you the key. You do the rest. I don’t allow for anything less than striving to reach your dream. The person, who says it cannot be achieved. Must never interrupt the person doing it.
I run motivational, lifestyle, running and leadership programs. I also run my own coaching practice privately and online.

So what truly makes someone inspiring to others? Inspiration is something that we know cannot be forced, one can only foster. Who we are and how we communicate is so powerful to inspiring others.
There is something far greater than myself in this world – YOU and others! We are all here for a reason and to inspire. Life is about growth and change. No person in this world can survive alone. We all need each other. We all need a “Wing Mate” someone who has our back, someone we trust, someone we believe in, someone that has greatness, has love and who has a strong purpose and get the job done.

Deep within my heart as a young child I always wanted to be a person of inspiration. Just what if I could use my passions and talents to impact the world? I imagined the millions of lives I would impact and even the thought of impacting one life for the better excited me. I never aspired to want to just make a living. I wanted to make a difference. The life, the journey I was wishing to seek I knew would be a challenging and a hard road. As nothing worthwhile comes easy. The sense of emotion and energy that vibrates within when I can help another is so magical. The opportunity to visualize and see others grow, develop and achieve excites every living cell in my body. You become in life what you believe and how you choose to react.

To gain a greater understanding of my story, I would have to take you back to my humble beginnings. To where it all begun. The catch is you will only every find me in the moment and not far beyond that. This I will share, my life has not always been easy. I have had my fair share of suffering. I have also had the most monumental of times. A fire within has always burned bright to want to lead and serve others. I knew ridiculously early my purpose and my mission. I was lucky to be gifted as the socially outgoing woman I am with a brave heart. My desire to explore human behaviors, life and events - drove me to further uncover my moral compass and integrity.

I had the willingness and heart to do the extraordinary things, to be selfless. I had the creativity to try new and take the road less traveled. There where so many mountains that that I wanted to climb, afraid at first of reaching the top for the journey to end. I have since learnt that mountains will always appear and there will always be another to climb.

Life is about grabbing hold off opportunities and seizing the moment. The one thing I have sought long and hard for is happiness, gratitude and purposefully giving back more than I receive. That in itself creates the most phenomenal richness and wealth. There is a saying “your true passion should feel like breathing it’s that natural”. I get to do that every day.

Please feel free to read my qualifications and accreditation's below:
·         Bachelor of Nursing Degree
·         Associate Diploma in Social Science
·         NLP Certification
·         Life Coaching
·         Modern Hypnosis
·         Psych-Spiritual Clinical Hypnotherapy
·         Reiki Master
·         Accredited Athletics Coach, Athletics Australia NSW
·         Advanced Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Academy of Applied Hypnosis
·         Massage Therapy, National Institute of Health Sciences Australia
·         Statement of Attainment in Real Estate Practice
·         Shared Medical Appointments Facilitator, ALMA
·         Radio and TV – Contributor for interviews email:
·         Numerous CPD training each year for each discipline of training


Monday, December 25, 2017

2017 Inspiring People of the Year Larry Macon!

This 72- Year-Old Is the First American to Officially Run 2,000 Marathons
By Stacey Leasca December 18, 2017   
Photo courtesy of Humana

Larry Macon is living proof that it’s never too late to pick up good habits—even if those habits start off as a lie.
You see, Macon, who is now a spry 72 years old, just completed his 2,000th marathon in December—a feat that no American runner has ever accomplished before, at least officially. Really, it was more like his 2010th, because according to Macon, he wanted to pad his numbers just to be sure. He completed this incredible feat at the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, with a time of 7:16:31.
Photo courtesy of Humana
He doesn’t run to beat a personal record, or even to beat a world record (though he’s done that more than once). Macon simply runs because he loves it.
But it wasn’t always that way.
Macon was once was a 50-something lawyer living in Texas who spent more time working indoors than he ever did working out. When asked by his fellow lawyers how he spent his weekend, he decided to lie.
“Lawyers lie a lot,” Macon told Men’s Health with a laugh. He explained that after court sessions, he and his coworkers will often sit around and discuss the “great athletic events” they partook in over the weekend. One week, Macon said, everyone else had done something spectacular like biked 100 miles or swam for two miles, or even played 36 holes of golf. Somebody then asked, Hey Larry, what you did this weekend?
“I wasn’t going to admit I worked. That’s really not a manly thing to do,” Macon said. He glanced down at the newspaper, saw a story about an upcoming race, and replied, “I’m training for the marathon.”
Immediately after he said it, he regretted it. The marathon was just three weeks away, and he’d never run more than 10 miles in his entire life. Against the odds, the 52-year-old completed the marathon in just over 5 hours. After that, he was done with running forever—or so he thought. Because like most runners can tell you, once you catch that runner’s high, it’s hard to look back.
So Macon kept running, running, and running some more. He’s run through the four corners of the United States in 9-degree weather. (Here's all the gear you need for cold-weather running.) He’s completed a marathon in Las Vegas in sweltering 110-degree heat. He’s even run a race in North Dakota during a white out snow storm. Macon kept going through it all until one day, he beat his first world record completely by accident.
“There was a woman from Italy who ran 100,” Macon explained. “And nobody in the United States had done more than about 80 [in a year]. I thought, ‘hey I can do that.’” That year Macon did 105. Then he did 106, and just kept going.
One year, a hopeful young man from Austria came out in the hopes of besting Macon’s record. A reporter called Macon to verify the man’s claim, telling Macon the man had completed 110 marathons. When asked how many he had run, Macon calmly replied, “239.” He had actually run 255, though some of the races had not qualified as part of his record.
When Men’s Health asked about his training regime, Larry replied with another hearty Texas laugh, saying to this day there’s no real training involved in what he does. He simply runs.
“If you drag your body out on the racetrack, you're pretty good,” he explained.
His nutritional regime isn’t anything intense either, though he is an avid vegetarian. “I didn't do it for health reasons,” he said. “I don't like the way they treat animals.” But he does live by one very classic and time-tested nutritional tidbit: Drinking a chocolate milk after a race.
Beyond bringing a new world of athletic endeavors and a slew of records to his life, Macon explained that running has also brought him something much greater: a new perspective on the world.
“Running is a totally democratic effort,” he said. “You got all people of all stations in life of all ages of all races. I'm just an old white lawyer. I would have a limited exposure to the rest of the world no matter how hard I tried. But now every weekend I'm running out with all sorts of different people, people with points of views I would have never considered. It's just a wonderful experience.”
If you’re looking to be more like Macon, he said it’s rather easy. Simply enter a race with no time limit, enjoy it, take in the scenery, and never ever wear a watch. “All of a sudden you’ll be there,” he said. (Training for a marathon? Check out this tip.)
As for his next goal, Macon said he’s in for 2,000 more marathons. At this point, he’s in way too deep with his weekend warrior lie, and it would simply be “too embarrassing to quit.”