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PROFILE--Yolanda Holder has been powerwalking (lots of ) marathons for 21 years

Nov. 2019) We usually don’t profile non-runners but Yolanda Holder, 61, is an exception that we think you'll understand. In 2010, she established a  Guinness record for most marathons in a calendar year, power walking a total of 106 marathons/ultras. (She finishes her marathons in less than five and a half hours.) In 2012, she broke her own record with 120. To date she’s power walked over 540 marathons and ultras.  

Holder is also known as the Walking Diva, and maintains a blog at She lives in Corona, CA, with her husband of 36 years, Rogelio. 

When did you start your power walking ways? I started power walking 20 years ago at the
1998 Portland Marathon. I chose Portland because they were and still are walker friendly. I began walking after my parents died from complications related to diabetes. I walk to honor them and to raise health and fitness awareness.

How much did you power walk per week in your peak years? In my peak years of walking I averaged 70 miles a week, and if I’m training for a marathon, over 100 miles a week. At age 50, I decided to enter 50 marathons in 50 weeks, and completed two, or sometimes three, marathons per week.

What were some of your better/memorable races?  All my marathons were fun and memorable. It’s all about the finisher’s medal – I have over 600 of them.  But I would have to say that my proudest  achievements (besides raising two great kids ) is when I became a World Champion Pedestrian, a finisher of the longest certified footrace in the world, the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race (2017). Also: 2019 US Centurion #94; American Woman 10 Day Record holder (622 Miles, 2014); American & World Record Age Group Six Day Race (413 Miles, 2019). 

How did you train differently in your younger years?  I didn’t train in my younger years, however I did walk every day. Being at the back of the pack it was just about finishing under 6 hours. Now that I compete as a power walker/race walker I know how to train. I follow a training program and it depends on what race I’m training for.   

Has your diet changed through the years?  Yes, I learned over the years that fueling your body is extremely important. I’ve competed in two bikini fitness competitions and learned about nutrition that I use in my power walking/race walking.

Cross Training? Yes, I cross train by lifting weights and using the machines at the gym.  I also do a daily headstand and plank.

How important is social running to you? I love meeting new people and most of my good friends I met while walking marathons. 

Obstacles along the way? I have never had any injuries, just your normal sore muscles and a blister or two until last year at the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. I was taken out of the race on day 22 for severe blisters that were infected. I’ve also completed marathons on sprained ankles and broken ribs. I always try to accomplish what I set out to do.

A favorite quote? “I Walk, you Run, we Both get it Done.” 

Has running helped you with the aging process? Yes, very much.  I truly believe walking daily helps the aging process. I look 20 years younger than many my age. Walking daily also helps control all diseases. Drinking water, moving your body daily, changing your diet, and a positive attitude helps with aging. 

What three tips would you give a younger runner who wants to be a lifetime runner?  
1--Make running/walking a daily habit.  
2--Every year take your running/walking to the next level.  

What are the biggest lessons you have learned from running? The biggest lesson I learned is that taking time to rest and recover is just as important as training.  

-Walking Diva

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Thank you Message from 2X Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race Finisher Harita Davies

Thank You for following My Journey to 3100 Miles

Dear Friends,

I do not know most of you, but I would like to thank you all so so much for your
support of my 3100 mile race this year!

Many of you sent me messages, which helped more than you can imagine, and I
know a lot of you were watching and offering your support in other ways- believe
me, it helped!

Taking part in this race is an experience that is hard to fathom while you are
doing it and impossible to fathom once it is over!

How is it possible? A combination of mostly God’s Grace, finding access to the
unlimited capacity we all have within ourselves, some physical training, and the
oneness-support and heart-felt self-offering of many, many people! You are one
of those people, so thank you!!!

I sincerely hope that from taking part in this race I can continue to grow and
become a better person, and that I can inspire others to have the courage and
confidence to challenge themselves in some way which enables them to discover
their own inner source of unending strength and fulfillment. In this way, we can all
try to make the world a happier and better place, by starting with ourselves!!!

In the words of the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race Founder, Sri Chinmoy,
We are all citizens of the world. If I can inspire others, and if they can inspire the
rest of the world, then we can have a better world. It is by virtue of inspiration that
we can do good things for mankind. We are all longing for peace, peace, peace.
And I feel it is our inner strength that will be able to give us peace. Inner strength
is nothing other than oneness, universal oneness.
Sri Chinmoy, The inner meaning of sport, Agni Press, 2007

All my gratitude,

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2018 Inspiring People of the Year Camille Herron

Meet World Champion Ultra Marathoner and Guinness World Record Holder
Photo Credit Jetline Action Photo

Nature vs Nurture, by Camille Herron

As we were flying to San Francisco, I was watching the documentary Three Identical Strangers. Three young men who were all adopted meet each other and find out they were triplets separated at birth. Seeking to understand why they were separated, they find out they were part of an experimental study in which each baby was placed in a different family. The separation was done to try and answer the question of “nature vs nurture”. While they indeed have a lot in common, they find out they have a lot of difference too.

The movie made me reflect on my own life deeply- how blessed I am to have gotten the right genes from our parents for ultrarunning and also how my life experiences have shaped who I am.
Both of our parents were great athletes. Dad (and our Grandpa) played basketball at Oklahoma State, and Mom was a swimmer/golfer/bowler. I inherited our Dad’s long and lean body and limbs, while I believe I got my endurance physiology from Mom. I got my ability to be “cool under pressure” from Dad, while I think I got my ability to tolerate pain well from Mom. All four kids in our family played sports. However, I was the only one with the extreme motivation and drive to continue with sports into adulthood.

It was obvious from a young age I was wired differently. I had an innate fearlessness and ability to push to the extreme. I remember when I was three standing by the stove while Mom was cooking and feeling the heat from it. I tried to touch it to see how hot it was and burned my finger. I still have a scar on my finger!

Around the same age, we were at a public swimming pool. I was sitting on the edge peering into the water and wondered how deep it was. Before I knew it I fell in! Not knowing how to swim, I remember sinking to the bottom, looking up, and seeing Mom dive in to rescue me. This incident is why I did not become a swimmer like Mom!

I grew up with a basketball in my hands aspiring to be like Dad. As a girl in the mid-80's, I feel fortunate that Title IX came about 10 years prior. I was never made to feel that I couldn’t do something or lacked opportunities. I remember seeing the first female Globetrotter, Lynette Woodard, on TV—she was the first pro female athlete I ever saw. I dreamed of growing up to be a female Globetrotter.
Photo credit Kurt Schill

When I was seven, I got a basketball goal for my birthday. I’d heard stories from Dad how they’d practice for six hours without water. The following summer, I would practice every day in the heat, without food and water, until I’d start to black out. This is what I thought I had to do to get better! Then, I’d run inside to eat peanut butter and apples, grilled cheese sandwich, soup, pickles, and sweet tea or Coke. I’d come back out and continue practicing. Little did I know I was an ultrarunner in the making!

Flash forward to Desert Solstice last December 2017. 10 hours into my 12 hour World Record, I started getting an intense craving for sweet tea! I don’t remember the last time I had sweet tea. I was having mental flashbacks to my childhood, practicing in the driveway until I’d blackout. You see, it was all ingrained in me from the beginning! All my life experiences prepared me for this moment. They were able to get me some sweet tea, and it hit the spot! I got my second wind and continued to push and break Ann Trason’s 12 hour World Record set in 1991, which incidentally was one of the summer I was intensely practicing basketball!

Photo Credit Conor Holt

I’m 3 ½ years into my amazing ultrarunning journey now. People want to know how I do it. To answer the question of “nature vs nurture”- I believe the culmination of my life experiences are what helps propel my mind and body to unlock the potential of what’s possible. It is through my heart and will that I’ll continue to transcend!

You can follow my amazing journey at Camille Herron Athlete/Coach on Facebook

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2018 Inspiring People of the Year Kobi Oren

Family Man and World Class Multi-Day Ultra Runner 

On the second of August 2018 I finished the 3100 Mile Self Transcendence Race. It was an end of an Era for me . I trained and gained distances over 6 years to get ready for it . Through the years I changed my training practice to improve my recovery time and to make my body more durable for running long distance multi day races.I found out by reading and training many ultra runners that the conventional training methods are based on marathon wisdom of running and does not 'cut it' for ultra distances and multi day running. As I changed my ways of training I trained less time and more efficiently. What followed was- Since 2014 I won in a roll 8 International Multi days ulltras; A 6-day race in Greece, which I won by traversing 768 km A 6-day race in France, which I won by running 739 km A 10-day race in South Africa, in which I won and ran the inconceivable distance of 1113.9 km. 

I became the first Israeli in history to run such a distance and also took my place among the leading runners in the world for such events. In July 2015, I won another 6-day race held in Norway, and thus I maintained my eighth-place world standing in this event for that year. July 2016, I came in first, in a Ten-day Multi Day Race that took place in NYC, covering 755 Miles= 1215 km, breaking my personal record. This race placed me – first place in the world in 2016 for Ten-day races, and forth in the all-time world ranking on that year. The 10 days run in New York 2016 gave the way it to run the 3100 Mile Self Transcendence race. The race team told me to get ready by running a Multi day Ultra race on cement. So I did it on July 2017 I ran 1000 miles race on South Africa Cement lane. I won it in 15 days. I discovered that cement is a painful punishment for me. I had to strengthen my body and learn how to handle severe muscle pain and still keep on running. 

I landed at New York at the first week of June 2018 .the race started on the 17.6.18. I knew it was going to be hard. Only 21 runners ever finished this race in the 22 years it took place. I knew that only I and one other runner were 'newbies' to this race. The other had experience. We were 9 runners and one amazing ultra walker which I all ready meet 2 years ago in the 10 days race in New-York.I knew she will bring us good vibes. I will make my race story at this time short even though it is long.very long. The Self Transcendence 3100 miles is a race that takes you to other inner dimensions. This race is not just the longest foot race on earth . It is an experience by it's on and can not be compered to any other ultra marathon or multi day race. You need to be on the move each day .no matter what . To find resources from to fuel yourself- to run without any day break, while the heat is on, the rain continues or the humidity is close to 90% . The runners need to run (or walk) continuously around 96 km per day for 52 days if they want to stand the cut off point !!! 

During this race I had to move from my physical abilities and relay on my mental abilities. You can't be prepared for this kind of 'life time' of a race. And that without facing your longings for your family, not seeing all of them for two months!!! There is no surprise that the 'New York Times' names it "The Mount Everest of Ultra Running". Most of the race days I really suffered during the first hours of each day. I 'found out' about myself that I can enjoy the running movement only after I get the 'job done' of running 55 lap . 55 laps was not enough to do per day but when I did it I knew that I will have a good day. This different universe of a race got me in connect with an amazing 'band of brothers' - I am not just talking about my brothers and sisters for the race. I am talking about the races team people from all over the globe with the passion of enthusiasm

They are all enlisted to help you .they see this race as a symbol of the human fight against the inner and outer powers that influence a person to give they try to boost you energy and give you good spirit. They give you a kind word at a time of need.look at you with a good smile and lift your spirit up. My 3100 mile race took 46 days. I am the 42 runner to ever psyscally to finish it. 

But spiritually this race is not over it is a life within a life, I can think about times with in this race and feel my inner strength. I can be up lifted by remembering the feel of the breeze on the trees on our lane. Can see in my mind the sunrise of each day. Wait for the morning course to sing there songs. Enjoy the cold night air settling in . In each of my multi days races I left a small part of my soul at the race lane. At Jamaica Queens after the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race my soul is still running.


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2018 Inspiring People of the Year Steve Edwards

850 Marathons Under 3:30 and still Running Strong

After running his first marathon at the age of 18 in 1981 and vowing never again, Steve Edwards has gone on to run 850 official competitive marathon races in an average finish time of 3hrs 18min 42sec for each which makes him one of the most successful multi marathon runners in the world today. Known by many in the UK running community as ‘The Godfather of Marathon Running’, Steve now aged 56 has set many world best records including running 500, 600, 700 and 800 official marathons in the fastest average finish time. He’s now going for the 900 record and then all being well hopes to ultimately achieve the record for running 1000 official marathons in the fastest average finish time.

During his marathon running career, he’s run 325 sub 3:15s, 500 sub 3:20s and 769 sub 3:30s. On average he’s run a competitive marathon race every 13 days for nearly 31 years. Steve says that while he feels a great sense of personal satisfaction from what he’s achieved the greater reward has come from helping to raise money for charity and inspiring others. Indeed what drives him is the legacy he would like to leave behind when he can no longer do what he does, a legacy that will hopefully motivate and inspire others including his own grandchildren to help them achieve their own goals and dreams. His motto is ‘never underestimate your potential, follow your dreams’.

If anyone would like to read his biography ‘The Man Inside His Machine’, please feel free to email him at or message him on FB/Twitter.   

Email -
Mob - +44 (0)7756 444693
We are fundraising for Kate's Home Nursing charity, please support the 1000 marathon challenge
by making a small donation to
-Steve & Teresa Edwards

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2018 Inspiring People of the Year Alberto Perusset

Barefoot Runner, 30 Years Vegan with over 200 Lifetime Marathons

Alberto Perusset from Argentina has run 170 marathons barefoot and has over 207 lifetime marathons.  Alberto's passion is running he runs an hour every day and on weekends, if he doesn’t have a marathon he does his long runs. Nutrition is very important to Alberto he’s been a vegan for 30 years.

Before running Alberto was a long distance swimmer and on the team of the very famous Olympian swimmer Daniel Carpio. They crossed the Rio de la Plata from Uruguay to Argentina in 19 hours non-stop covering 60 kilometers.  They also try to cross the English Channel from England to France but Carpio had to quit before the end, Carpio was 76 years old.  Alberto is a professional Scuba Driver he has worked in Argentina and the USA.  He worked many years on the beaches of South America as a lifeguard and a man of many athletic talents with a love for skydiving, as of today competed 230 jumps.

Alberto real passion is running and his goal is to run the 50 states, the 7 continents and the 6 mayors barefoot. 

Alberto is the founder and Race Director for the Malibu Half Marathon in beautiful Malibu California.   This year marked the 10 year anniversary and it sold out. Register for the 2019 marathon here

"All I do is to inspire people to have a healthy and happy lifestyle. "