Sunday, December 4, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration & Motivation - Day 4 with Candice Teresa Neaves

Candice is passionate about holistic health, organic farming                          and taking excellent care of the earth...

Most people have no idea how great they're designed to feel. I realized this when I 
made a massive change and commitment to my health in my 20's. I decided to go 
raw vegan overnight and ended up eating completely raw for 2 years. In a short time, 
I cured myself naturally of depression, vegan require just 4 to 6 hours of sleep a night, 
felt more energized than ever before, enjoyed clear, beautiful skin, happier mental 
states and really starting living and loving life.
My inspiration levels sky rocketed! Now, at 30 I feel the best I have in my entire life. 
I attribute my health to an organic, plant based, high raw diet and daily yoga practice 
and meditation. There's no greater feeling than existing in the overflow ~ being able 
to help others with their health, teach yoga and support my community means the 
world to me but getting to this place took caring for myself like never before and 
making my health my number one priority.

NOW is the best time ever to make a change and start LIVING your life. Eat clean. Move every day. Be CONSISTENT. It pays, and it feels great!
-Candice Teresa Neaves-

Saturday, December 3, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration & Motivation - Day 3 with Susy Vargas

Chasing Away the Clouds
Fourteen years ago I lost my husband to in a drive-by shooting, I was 26yrs old. I was left alone to raise 2 kids on my own. I had gained some weight due to depression and lack of motivation. I felt like my life was over and I didn’t look forward to a new day. In 2013 my 15 yr. old son came home from school one day and told me he was joining SRLA to run LA Marathon. I didn’t know what that was or meant at the time. I just remember signing the forms and getting his physical done. During his physical the doctor notified me that his cholesterol was high for his age. Many months of training and many blisters later he completed his first LA Marathon in 2012. My son had gained his health and a huge accomplishment which I was beyond proud. Something inside me sparked when I saw my son crossing that finish line. A few months later I got brave and decided to start training for 2013 LA Marathon.

My boyfriend at the time laughed so hard the day I mentioned my plan to him. I cried for days and started doubting myself. A week later I went for a run and started training with my son’s SRLA team on the weekends. The SRLA coach gave me a copy of the running schedule which I followed rigorously. A month before LA Marathon I ran the 18 Miles Friendship Run which I ended up twisting my ankle. I was so devastated that I wouldn’t be able to finish LA Marathon since it was 4 weeks later and I hadn’t healed. I couldn’t throw away months of training for nothing. The morning of LA Marathon I wrapped my ankle and showed up ready to run. I finished my first Marathon ever with a swollen ankle and mutated blisters. None of that mattered since I felt alive and full of joy, something that wasn’t felt in a very long time.

My injury put me out for 4 months before I ran another race. I didn’t really want to run another marathon again so I just ran 5K’s and 10K’s. I had met so many amazing runners that motivated me to run another marathon and this time I wouldn’t run alone. I gained a new life full of joy and the drive to be a better person. My new passion has showed me new places, new friends and a new running family. I have completed more than 60+ half marathons, 6 full marathons, mud runs, and as of last month 2 Ragnar medals. My new passion is now hiking. 2017 will be filled with new adventures and places to explore. I’ve never been happier and I always look forward to a new race.
Sharing my passion with my sisters.
-Susy Vargas-

Friday, December 2, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration & Motivation - Day 2 with Giovanni Guevarra

It's a Family Affair
 Running was part of my life when I enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1988 after serving 4 years in the Air Force. I run 3 miles, do some pull-ups and sit-ups every day during lunch not just to stay fit but to make sure I was always ready for the Physical Fitness Test.  In 1997 after deployment, I ran the Honolulu Marathon without training and finished it in 3 hours and 42 minutes. My long training run back then was just 3 miles. It was my first and only race in 14 years. I was not entirely fit as I was a smoker then too.  In fact, I quit smoking after 21 years when I started to have a hard time breathing and my speed started to decline around 2001.
 Fast forward to 2006 when I retired from the Corps.  I stopped running, I had an easy job and most of the time I just sit around, play with my son, watch TV and eat.  From a lean mean fighting machine weighing 185 pounds I slowly turned my 6-pack into a beer belly.  Instead of going back to running I just started buying larger size clothes.  Around 2011 my family and I were out shopping and my son wondered why the Under Armour mannequin had little bumps in its abs, to which my wife responded, “your dad had those before it’s called a 6-pack”. That was the moment of truth, yes, I am a retiree with a wife and kid but it does not mean I should just let my body go.  My son started telling me that I am fat and that was every time he sees my belly. “Daddy you’re getting fat.”

 I started running again and trained for the San Francisco Marathon in 2012 which I dedicated to my high school friend who two years ago, passed away from cancer.  I haven’t stopped running since then and in 2013 I finished seven 100-mile races in one year.  I would spend all of my weekends running in the mountains.  If I am home early, I would run at 3 in the morning and come home only around the time my wife is ready to leave for work.  Vacations are around my races, which I rationalized as “we are on vacation” but in fact I am not there to spend it with the 2 of them. I rarely see both of them and looking back I missed a lot of activities because when they both reminisce about certain activities, I was not part of it. 

 My goal moving forward is more family time than training.  I have cut my workout time to one hour every day and weekends are quality time for my wife and son.  No more long runs that take up all of Saturday and Sunday and then missing all the activities that they both have planned. I will still run 100 mile races but it should not be a burden to my family.  In the last several years my family gave up a lot more for this hobby than I gave back to them

By Giovanni Guevarra 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration & Motivation - Day 1 with Raul Santana

500 + Marathon Man’s Quest
Overcoming Challenges, Life-Saver, Unstoppable

As a father, mega-marathoner, and life-saver, 63 – year- old Raul Santana is both an avid runner and an unassuming hero.  Eight years ago, Raul saved his friend’s twelve-year-old son (who was dying of leukemia) by donating his bone marrow.  After donating, he dedicated his following marathon (Long Beach Marathon) to this recipient and gave both his marathon t-shirt and finishing medal.  Now as an adult, his recipient still wears the medal.  He never takes it off and whenever anyone asks about it he always tells the story of how Raul saved his life.  Every year 6,000 people are diagnosed with leukemia and need a bone marrow transplant.  75% of these people do not have a compatible donor in their family.  Raul is one of eleven million donors who made a difference and saved a life.  We salute you, Raul.

Raul started his running journey in 1976 when he ran his first marathon in Mexico with an impressive time of 2:42:00.  Since then, Raul has run over five hundred marathons, an extraordinary feat. His remarkable 500 was Revel Canyon Marathon November 18, 2016.  But like any journey, there are always challenges along the way.  Raul’s spirit and love for running was put to the test when he was diagnosed with a tumor in his right knee that was so severe, the doctor believed that Raul’s whole leg needed to be amputated.  Fortunately, this wasn’t the case.  Instead, he underwent surgery and the tumor was successfully removed, but Raul was told that his running days were over. It was very hard to absorb the news, but modern medicine could not supersede his will and running spirit.  As a runner you fight through and never quit, and when the doctor ordered him not to walk more than one mile, the runner in Raul secretly ran fifteen miles.

Now, Raul is completely cured and recovered and not only runs marathons, but ultra-marathons (100 Miles) as well.  This man is unstoppable.
By Katherine Truong & Elva Gomez


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Got Questions - Tune in LIVE Thursday December 1, 2016 at 5am Pacific Time

Got questions? You can ask me any fitness question LIVE Thursday December 1, 2016 at 5am pacific time…I’ll be LIVE on Facebook Live on my athlete page Walking Diva. Tune in LIVE!!!

I'm looking forward to answering your questions!!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Today's Fitness Spotlight: Ghangis D Carter

WALKING FOR HEALTH:  Today’s Fitness Spotlight is Ghangis D Carter and his life motto – “I laugh and make others laugh “daily”. What’s probably less known about the veteran higher education administrator is his emerging interest in the happiness that good health brings. This California born has dedicated himself to establishing a daily fitness regimen which includes brisk walking, swimming, Zumba and cardio hip-hop as well as strength conditioning. Ghangis says because he’s older he needs to make better health choices to be a “fit father” for his school age son. I say keep rocking it and smiling!!!

Baby, would you mind working out with me…Normal people call me crazy, smart people call me for advice. Why? I have a NO EXCUSE attitude when it comes to my health. Happy Workout Weekend let’s get this party started!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


WALKING 4 HEALTH:  WALK 4 HEALTH - WORKSHOP -September 10, 2016 7am-9am Laguna Beach, CA!
Come join me and learn some of my secrets on how to Power Walk any distance from a 5K - Multiday Racing.  Sign up today!


Today's Fitness Spotlight is barefoot runner Alberto Perusset from Argentina he has run 75 marathons barefoot and has 114 lifetime marathons.  Alberto's passion is running but he also has a love for skydiving and as of today he has competed 230 jumps.  Before running he was a long distance swimmer on a team of famous Olympian swimmers he crossed the Rio de la Plata from Uruguary to Argentina in 19 hours non stop, covering 60 kilometers.  Alberto says nutrition is very important for me, I'm vegan for 28 years.  I say he's one barefoot running machine!!! Alberto is the founder and Race Director of the beautiful Malibu Marathon