Tuesday, September 7, 2010

American Discovery Trail Marathon - Marathon #77

I did it! My first Quad! 4 marathons in 4 states in 3 days!!! I didn't arrived in Colorado Springs until 2:30am. My flight coming from LAX was grounded and required attention from the fire department. I wasn't concerned about my life, but losing a marathon. American Discovery Trail Marathon was run in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The race started at Palmer Lake and finished at America the Beautiful Park. The trail was scenic and beautiful. I finished 6:15:36

Miss Diana "Liberty Lady" from Virgina was present. Our paths crossed back in January at the Miracle Match Marathon in Waco Texas. Diana was very concerned about my weight. I assured her that I was just sleep deprived and exhausted. Thank you Diana. This is Megan and her very first full marathon. It was a pleasure to meet you Megan and good luck!

There were a few marathon maniacs ready to rock the trails.


Every goal that has ever been reached began with just one step...and the belief that it could be attained. Dreams really can come true, but they are most often the result of hard work, determination, and persistence. When the end of the journey seems impossible to reach, all you need t do is take one more step. Stay focused on your goal and remember that each small step will bring you a little closer. When the road becomes hard to travel and it feels as if you'll never reach the end...Look deep inside your heart and you will find strength you never knew you had.

-Jason Blume-

Keep Believing!

Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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  1. "I wasn't concerned about my life, but losing a marathon." You MANIAC!!!!