Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Rollercoaster Year

2014 Rollercoaster Year
When I look back at 2014 the year was like a rollercoaster with many twist and turns and ups and down!  I started the year in Texas at the Texas Marathon I met a lot of my Facebook friends. I finished the marathon in pretty good time considering I didn't get any sleep my flight arrived into Texas at 11:30pm and I said "Happy New Year" to myself while lost trying to find my hotel.  I called my husband crying saying I will never do this again I hate being by myself on New Year Eve and he said "Yo, you say that every year, go to sleep you will be fine in the morning.  Yes he was right I was happy and smiling!
Texas Marathon with Jay Guzman

I had no plans for 2014 and not sure what I wanted to do. In January I finished the Texas, Camarillo and Honkers marathon and I had my first DNF (Did Not Finish) of two at Coldwater Rumble 100 Miler in Arizona.  At mile 40 I got heat exhaustion and had to drop.  I was having a great race feeling strong and happy. You never know what's going to happen I ended up in the medical tent.

 Camarillo Marathon with Guinness World Record holder Eddie Vaga

Coldwater Rumble 100 Miler at the start
Mile 20
Mile 40
February was a much better month I finished the brutal Sean O’Brien Trail Marathon in Malibu, the rainy Golden Gate Headland Marathon in San Francisco and PR’ed  at Jackpot 100 Miler in Las Vegas.
Sean O'Brien Trail Marathon Malibu Canyon

 Golden Gate Headland Marathon San Francisco
Jackpot 100 Miler Las Vegas 25:16:51
In March I did a double Red Rock and LA Marathon and the next weekend Catalina Marathon and Run4Kids 50K both in the same day.  I fractured my ribs at mile 5 at Old Goat 50K and finished it 26 miles later…Oh boy was I in pain won’t do that again!
At the start of Red Rock Marathon in Las Vegas with my lovely friend Kit Brazier
 Beautiful Red Rock Canyon
Met one of my Facebook friends Richard Peete at LA Marathon
Catalina Marathon
Finished the Catalina Marathon and Run4Kids 50K in the same day!
Old Goat 50K with the winner Serena Eley and fracture ribs!

I was honored to be one of the guest speakers at the Reno Marathon and excited to be there as my Lake Tahoe Triple buddy Jennifer Lee Dicus finish her 100th lifetime marathon/ultra.  I was a little nervous about returning to the Boston Marathon but many of my friends and family said “you will be in the safest city in the world”.  The month of April was my Coast to Coast back to back marathons. I didn't get in Big Sur Marathon so I did San Luis Obispo Marathon.
Honored to be with Tony Nguyen and Helene Quintal Neville
 So excited for Jennifer 100 lifetime marathons/ultras!
I was safe!
I'm an official Boston Marathon finisher 5:40:58
San Luis Obispo Marathon
Coast to Coast and I finished with fractured ribs 
May was my 3rd double of the year Labor of Love and OC Marathon along with my favorite Nanny Goat 12/24 Hour Run.  I have done Nanny Goat every year and this year I got sick at mile 46 and I dropped to the 12 hour run.  

 Labor of Love Marathon
 OC Marathon
Labor of Love and OC Marathon medals

The month of June I only did one marathon but I challenged myself by doing the Laguna Beach Step/Stairs and going to the gym and lifting weights. 
 Father's Day Marathon
 Laguna Stairs/Steps

 12,600 steps!!!
 LA Fitness - toning up!!!
July was fun I did the 4th of July quad and I started my journey to 500 lifetime marathons/ultra.  One of my favorite ultra this year was the Poker Run in Las Vegas cool medal.  Marathon/ultra #479- 485...
Having fun with Rieko and Edward

Keep walking and smiling!

Met Mr. Marathon Maniac Edward Broadnax 

 Love the Poker Run medal
August was amazingly awesome over 720 miles and 320 of those miles were very special. Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes Death Challenge, raising awareness and funds for Diabetes.  6 Days in the Dome in Alaska 400 miles, 3rd place woman and 10th place overall. 
 Thank you to my awesome sponsors
6 Days in the Dome Alaska 3rd woman, 10th place overall

Thank you Westside Newspaper for your loyal sponsorship!

Lake Tahoe Triple my 8th consecutive year!!! Love love love Lake Tahoe Triple.  I DNF last year at Kodiak 50 Miler and came back this year and finished but I spent more time trying to DNF that I finished in 16 hours and 15 minutes.  What I learn is clear your mind of doubts and stay focus.  I got to met some of my Facebook friends at Ventura Marathon.  Lifetime marathons/ultras  #487 - 491  

 Lake Tahoe Triple Day 3 finish line
 With my marathon friends Jane Herzog and Cyndie Merten
 Met my Facebook follower Donald Osborne at Ventura Marathon
 It's always a pleasure seeing barefoot Alberto Perussett
Kodiak 50 Miler in Big Bear very challenging course
October was a challenging month two attempts at lifetime marathon/ultra #492.   First attempt Majestic Marathon in Huntington Beach around mile 10 I started to feel sick I dropped to the half marathon.  My second attempt was Javelina Jundred Miler in Arizona at mile 47 I got heat exhaustion and DNF my second DNF of the year.
Very excited!

 Hotel Javelina Jundred

I always stop for a Diva pose!
November 8th, third time is a charm Catalina Island Marathon #492 done!!!  It was a beautiful day on the island and I saw some buffalo’s.
 #492 done!!!
He was coming after me!

Hanging out with my Run It Fast friends Deo Jerome and Josh Holmes
On November 16th I had emergency surgery and I never knew anything was wrong.  I had major surgery my doctor remove some of my large intestine, part of my colon and appendix.  I was in the hospital for eight day and not once did I have a pity party. Two days after my surgery I was up and walking!
 Day 3 and I get to walk!

 December 26th was my comeback marathon #493 Operation Jack Marathon five weeks after my surgery and no my doctor did NOT give me the green light.  2014 was a rollercoaster of a year full of good times and challenging times. I finished the year with 34 marathons/ultras.  Setbacks are stepping stones to something amazingly BIG. Take it to the limits, next level Baby.    Happy New YOU!
 finish 6:01
 So happy to me back doing what I love!
I’m wishing you a Fabulous, Successful, Healthy, and Fit 2015!!!
-Walking Diva 2.0-