Monday, February 27, 2012

La Jolla Canyon Trail Run 2-26-2012

La Jolla Canyon Trail Run Marathon - 2-26-2012
Malibu California
I have done La Jolla Canyon Trail many times but this time it was very challenging.  The course was rugged with single track trails with beautiful views of the ocean and Santa Monica Mountains.  It was nice to see Celebrity Maniac #22 Deo.  I finished 7:49:29 and I won 1st place in my age group!
This was Jim Simpson 885 lifetime age 70!!!
Beautiful views...
I'm back and loving it...
Work on the "big picture" and turn it into the masterpiece you know it can be...Try something new...step out of your comfort zone...keep believing in yourself and your dreams...

Tule Springs 12 Hour Peacock Run 2-25-2012

Tule Springs 12 Hour Peacock Run 2-25-2012
Las Vegas Nevada

Can you believe it...I'm doing a 12 hour run and last weekend I did 100 miler?  That's my please no blisters smile!  Tule Springs 12  Hour Peacock Run was held at Floyd Lambs Park in northwest Las Vegas Nevada.  The course was a 1.16 mile loop around the park with wildlife, lakes, views of Spring Mountains and Peacocks!  I did a 50K and finished with no blisters in 8:25
Second place Marathon Maniac of the Year Cyndie!
Beautiful Peacocks...
Live life in a beautiful way

Live to the fullest, and make each day count.  Don't let the important things go unsaid.  Have simple pleasures in this complex world.  Be a joyous spirit and a sensitive soul. Take those long walks that would love to be taken.  Explore those sunlit paths that would love to oblige.  Don't just have minutes in the day; have moments in time.  Believe in the new strength you're discovering inside.  Make tomorrow happier by going there in ways that really matter.  And don't ever forget that, eventually...dream-chasers become dream-catchers.
Douglas Pagels-
Thanks Cynthia for a race well done and I love the shirt, medal and matching bib!

Friday, February 24, 2012

In the "Spotlight" with Jerry

Meet Jerry Guinness World Record holder for dribbling two basketballs in a Marathon!
Five years ago I decided to run the Los Angeles Marathon. Not knowing what I was doing I ran for a few months with my longest run being a 14 miler. Needless to say the marathon didn't go so well. I got the first cramp of my life at mile 22 and had to limp the last 4.2 miles to the finish line. Not being satisfied with that performance I signed up for the San Diego Marathon that was only a few months away and joined a running group. I improved my time by 40 minutes and kept improving until my 6th marathon in Sacramento where I qualified for the 2009 Boston Marathon.

While training for the Boston Marathon my 10 year old son saw in the Guinness Book of World Records that someone ran a marathon dribbling a basketball in London in 4 and a half hours. Being a basketball player and marathon runner he thought it was a great idea for me to try to break the record. During my record attempt in the 2009 LA Marathon I called him at mile 18 physically exhausted and told him it wasn't a great idea but went on to break the record by 42 minutes. I held the record for a year before a man in Michigan broke my record with an incredible time of 3 hours 21 minutes. Not to be out done I decided to complete the 2011 Orange County Marathon dribbling two basketballs. Unfortunately, one of the balls popped at mile 7 and had to wait a half hour for my wife to bring me another ball. Unsatisfied with the time I decided to improve the record two weeks later at the Pasadena Marathon. There I set a new world record with a time of 4 hours and 55 minutes. Fortunately no one has been insane enough to break this record.
My 11 year old daughter likes to say she can't even remember when I wasn't a "runner". Over the past 5 years I've run 23 marathons including a 100 mile ultra and two 50k races, an Ironman Triathlon, and won/placed in my age group in many 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons. It has become a lifestyle for me. I eat well and live life to its fullest. I love to run in the sun, the rain, in the cold, on the treadmill on vacation and hope to keep running the rest of my life.
-Jerry Knox-

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rocky Road 100 Miler

ROCKY ROAD 100 MILER - February 18 - 19, 2012

Rocky Road 100 miler was my 5th 100 miler and my best 100 miler!  It wasn't my best time but I was in the best company of friends and ultra marathoners.  The weather was great and the food and volunteers were amazing!  I finished with painful blisters in 31:12:09.

I was in the best company with my good friend and marathon buddy MG.  This was her first 100 miler and you would not have known it.  A friend is someone who truly cares about you and MG is one of those people.  MG finished her first 100 miler in 30:02 and our goal was to finish in 29:59:59.  So close.  Congrats MG!
This is Dale finishing up strong...
Congrats Jean on your 3rd Rocky Road 100 Miler finish!!!
Thanks so much Hector for your support and encouragement...
Wow!  I was honored that 11 year old Colby came to greet me and walk me in.  Colby has run three half marathons and one half marathon in under two hours.  Thank you Colby!
My famous I'm in so much pain smile...Thank you Charlie and Rob for the best 100 miler and a race well done...
My 5th buckle and the largest buckle...


Hope is a beautiful answer to many difficult questions.  Hope only asks that you believe.  Hope is "hanging in there" until help arrives.  Whenever a day didn't go as planned, hope is there as a comforting guide to help you understand.

Hope is a quiet, personal place where you can always take shelter.  Hope is the warm and welcomed knowledge that beautiful possibilities exist.  Hope is all these special things, and - in simply knowing this-  When hope is all you've still have got a lot.

If you keep planting the seeds of your dreams,
they'll keep trying their best to blossom for you.
-Douglas Pagels-

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Golden Gate Trail Marathon

Golden Gate Trail marathon has great views of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco and surrounding cities.  The trails were challenging but I managed to finish in 7:05:14
It was great to see lots of Maniacs...
Nature Is Our Best Teacher

Nature exists just as it is,
intimidated by no one.
In the world of nature,
what is known as spirit is that which is.
Creatures do not alter their existence
to be other than they are;
their spirits remain true.

In nature,
the passage of time,
like the change of seasons,
is endless and forever.
Time is not measured; it just exists.
As people, we try to measure everything;
we want to calculate or evaluate time,
and most definitely, we want to control it.

We could learn many things from nature.
One very important truth
would be simply to be yourself...
for that is your true spirit.
Another valuable lesson is
to live for today,
to be a part of the changes
and processes of now,
for it is in experiencing this moment
that you will be ready to experience the next.
If you live your life touching the present,
you will always be living your life
-Deanna Beisser-

Friday, February 10, 2012

In the "Spotlight" with Jessica

Meet the ambitious and beautiful Jessica from Denver!

1 John 4:4...........Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

 It is only through Gods almighty grace and favor that I have been blessed with the ability and the privilege to pursue my dreams. I am currently a third year student at the William M. Scholl College of Podiatric medicine in North Chicago, IL.  A 2002 graduate of Montbello high school in Denver, CO I have never let go of Gods unchanging hand, and never will…
Throughout my life my parents reiterated the importance of faith, school, hard work, manners, responsibility and service.  Along with my three brothers I was raised in a household that encourage surpassing the previous generation in every aspect of life, we could not make bad grades, college was not an option, and my parents practiced constant admiration and encouragement. Although my father worked two jobs, when he was able he would regularly drive by the house of an African American Surgeon and say “see Jessica, he went to Southern, and one day you can have all of that.” I thank God for my parents and the sacrifices that they have and continue to make on my behalf. I can never repay them but I can pass on all that they have taught and instilled in me.

2002  - Bachelor of Science degree in Biology , Southern University and A&M College - Baton Rouge, LA
2007  - Graduate biomedical engineering research - Debakey Institute at Texas A&M University
2009 – Master of Health Care Administration, University of Memphis - Memphis, TN
2013 – Doctor of Podiatric medicine, Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine @ Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science – North Chicago, IL

Even though I had great mentors and incredible parents and a very supportive extended family, medical school hit me like a brick academically, emotionally and financially. In the future I pray that I can prevent this from happening to as many aspiring students entering the medical field as I can reach through unwavering community involvement. It is invaluable for children to have someone to come to with their questions and concerns, someone to educate and guide them through their future and with God’s help I pray that someone is me. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and if I can be of assistance to anyone pursuing a similar career please feel free to email me at .

God Bless,
      Jessica M. Richason

Monday, February 6, 2012

Surf City Marathon - 2-5-2012

I love Surf City Marathon!  February 5, 2012

What a beautiful day in Huntington Beach California.  I finished 5:56:22.
 The 2012 Surf City Marathon was a beautiful race along the Pacific Ocean. Come and run all 26.2 with Joe "The Marathon Show".

ROCK THE CANAL MARATHON - February 4, 2012

Rock the Canal Marathon was held in Riverside California.  The course was run on the canal with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and orange groves.  I finished 6:45:31

Set your sights high,
the higher the better,
Expect the most wonderful
things to happen, not in
the future, but right now.
-Eilleen Caddy-

Sunday, February 5, 2012

In the "Spotlight" with GWR holder Larry Macon

Meet 3 time Guinness World Record holder Mr. Larry Macon!
At 67 years young Larry breaks three world Records!  Larry broke the record for "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year" by a man three times!!! He ran 113 marathons last year.  Congrats Larry on an amazing accomplishment.
I am fascinate by other people's
creativity and productivity.
I am in awe of their dedication
and determination to fulfill
their talents and desires.
Great achievers are those who
follow the yearnings of their souls.
They are those who challenge themselves
with daily sacrifices
and relentlessly endure the
inconveniences and consequences
that occur as a result to their goals.
They are focused on developing themselves,
mastering their unique abilities,
and making their dreams a part
of their lifestyles.
They create their own lives
by never wasting a single day
and possessing the inner strength
to carry on through all of life's changes
with an open mind
and a hopeful heart.
-Deanna Beisser-