Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Felma and Debra's Journey to Disney Half Marathon

I am taking on a new challenge. Coaching...These two beautiful women trust me to get them to the finish line. This is their first half marathon. The Disney Half Marathon September 4, 2011. I'm not sure if they know that I'm a Maniac and I have goals for them. My goal is to get them to do their first full marathon at the Long Beach Marathon, October 9, 2011. Please give them lots of love, support and words of encouragement.

Meet Felma: Life is great living as a retired 61 year- young thrilled grandmother and ecstatic wife with a passion for dollhouse miniatures. Most of my days are spent in a fantasy world creating and making miniatures, which require a great deal of time sitting at my workstation daydreaming. My two very active toddler grandsons visit about once a month and no, I'm not physically active and yes, it's a challenge to keep up with them. Almost 11 years ago, before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and developed lymphedema as a side affect; walking and playing tennis was my passion. Mo goal is to find a way to challenge, "I used to walk 5 miles every day' and change it to "I walk 5 miles every day". Many of those miles "I used to walk" were with Yolanda and now, almost 11 years later, I have become her challenge. I am so thrilled that her goal is to train me along with other first-timers for Disney Half Marathon in September, a month before my youngest grandson turns two. Well, if you know Yolanda, my goal is automatic. I just added "Marathon Maniac" to my bio.

Sincerely, Felma

Meet Debra: My name is Debra Hatcher and I'm 46 years young. I'm a domestic goddess, wife and mother. Over the years I have watched the LA Marathon and thought that was something I wanted to add to my bucket list. I was an athlete in high school and swam competitively from the age of 8 until 12. I exercise a few times per month. Mentally I knew I could do it. I just needed my body to fall in line with my mind. Yolanda offered to help me train and I intend to take full advantage of the opportunity to be coached by a Guinness World Record holder.

Sincerely, Debra
Well, I think I'm going to cancel my "NO MORE FUN" diet until after Long Beach Marathon.


The wind changes directions a hundred times or more a day. It has no goal or focus to be anything more than itself. The wind is free to come and go as it pleases. But people, on the other hand, have an inner desire to accomplish, to achieve, to be productive. It is a human quality that enables people to select which way they want to go and to determine how fast or how slow their journey will be. People have the power to choose the roads they will travel. They must never forget that they are in control of their lives. So let the wind blow in your face and circle around you as you live day to day, but know in your heart that you are the one, the only one, who really knows which way the wind blows for you.
"Deanna Beisser"

Believe you can!

Yolanda "Walking Diva"







Monday, January 17, 2011

Rock N Roll Arizona - January 16, 2011

Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon was a lot of fun. Last week I had a headache for 3 days. Nothing I did could get rid of my headache. I started my 2011 marathon schedule and my headache went away. No, really I was having marathon withdraws. Two weeks of rest was enough, I have fallen off the Marathon AA recovery track. I feel better now. My 2011 marathon schedule consists of 24 marathons which will put me at 300 lifetime marathons/ultras by the end of the year. I'm so happy. I finished 6:27:27 My goal this year is to work on my speed and to stop having so much fun.

Mr. Larry Macon and the pretty Irlan...Congrats Barefoot Todd on your 100th barefoot marathon!!!

The lovely and one and only Miss Maricar from New Jersey!!! I had so much fun with you...
Sorry Maricar when we meet again I'll be on a "NO MORE FUN" diet...

Congrats Tammy (in the pink) on your BQ!!! You rock girl!!!

I had big fun at the Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon...Yippee!!! Bummer, now I must go on a "NO MORE FUN " diet...

What a honor to take a picture with Meb Keflezighi!!! It was very special...

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase" Martin Luther King

Believe you can,

Yolanda "Walking Diva"





Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Texas Marathon - January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HAPPY 2011!!! Happy Guinness World Record! Congrats Larry! Texas Marathon was held in Kingwood Texas. This marathon is known for having the largest medal. The course is four loops on greenbelts in Kingwood with nice views of Lake Houston. I finished 6:16:04


Miss Evelyn from Illinois finished all 50 states in 2010!!! Congrats Evelyn! It was a pleasure seeing you. I wish you many races in 2011!

There it is...the largest marathon medal in the world!!! Texas marathon is a must do!!!

Thank you RD Steve & Paula for a wonderful race and a awesome acknowledgement.

Keep Believing,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

Savage Seven Marathon Day 6 - Marathon # 106

106 marathons in one calendar year!
I found the courage to seek out my dream. I had faith that I could do 101 marathons. I fell many times but I got up. I had hurdles to climb over but I got over. To get to the finish line I had to try lots of different paths. I quit trying to pull people on my journey who didn't want to travel with me. I had hope for tomorrow. I visualized the finish line. I never stopped believing in myself. I stayed focus. I was determined. I didn't take my journey too seriously. I had fun. My journey was an adventure. I thanked God that I made it home safely after each marathon. I took a leap of faith and jumped into the stream of life with hope that I would land safely. I had a driver named Jesus. I didn't let doubt take control. I didn't wait for that perfect time to follow my dream. Today was the perfect time. What I learned about myself on this journey? I can do anything if I believe I can! I went boldly in the direction of my dream and ended up breaking two Guinness World Records, "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year by a Woman". 106 marathons in 2010!!!

I tied the Guinness Word Record with the legendary Mr. Larry Macon! What a huge honor.


Mama Jean from Maryland is an unbelievable 70 years young!!! Jean is a 50 state finisher. She has run a marathon in all 50 states. Jean ran all seven days at the Savage Seven Marathon. Congrats Jean! You are my shero!!!

Thank you Chuck Savage for a great record breaking race. A special thank you to Kristyne. Kristyne did a wonderful job as lap counter.

Keep Believing in yourself and your dreams,

Yolanda "Walking Diva"