Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Savage Seven Marathon Day 6 - Marathon # 106

106 marathons in one calendar year!
I found the courage to seek out my dream. I had faith that I could do 101 marathons. I fell many times but I got up. I had hurdles to climb over but I got over. To get to the finish line I had to try lots of different paths. I quit trying to pull people on my journey who didn't want to travel with me. I had hope for tomorrow. I visualized the finish line. I never stopped believing in myself. I stayed focus. I was determined. I didn't take my journey too seriously. I had fun. My journey was an adventure. I thanked God that I made it home safely after each marathon. I took a leap of faith and jumped into the stream of life with hope that I would land safely. I had a driver named Jesus. I didn't let doubt take control. I didn't wait for that perfect time to follow my dream. Today was the perfect time. What I learned about myself on this journey? I can do anything if I believe I can! I went boldly in the direction of my dream and ended up breaking two Guinness World Records, "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year by a Woman". 106 marathons in 2010!!!

I tied the Guinness Word Record with the legendary Mr. Larry Macon! What a huge honor.


Mama Jean from Maryland is an unbelievable 70 years young!!! Jean is a 50 state finisher. She has run a marathon in all 50 states. Jean ran all seven days at the Savage Seven Marathon. Congrats Jean! You are my shero!!!

Thank you Chuck Savage for a great record breaking race. A special thank you to Kristyne. Kristyne did a wonderful job as lap counter.

Keep Believing in yourself and your dreams,

Yolanda "Walking Diva"


  1. You and Larry are the most awesome maniacs ever! Congratulations. See you out there!

  2. Congratulations on the Guinness World Record!

  3. Way to go Yolanda and Larry! It has been fun watching your journey!