Monday, August 30, 2010

Santa Rosa Marathon - Marathon #73

The Santa Rosa Marathon was held in Santa Rosa California. The course was scenic and beautiful. We crossed bridges and ran past vineyards, cornfields, horse ranches and creeks. You could not have asked for better weather. I finished 6:12:05

Congrats Tony "Endorphin Dude" You're officially a Marathon Maniacs! MM#2810

May you meet every challenge you are faced with, recognize every precious opportunity, and be blessed with the knowledge that you have the ability to make every day special.
May you be strong enough to keep your hopes alive. May you always be gentle enough to understand. May you know that you hold tomorrow within your hands and that the way there will be shared with the makings of what will be your most wonderful memories.
-R. L. Keith-

Keep Believing!
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

Monday, August 23, 2010

ET Midnight Marathon - Marathon #72

I love ET Marathon! This was my 3rd year. It's so much fun and this year there were over 950 runners! It was a beautiful night and the stars were out. No really the stars in the sky. The weather was perfect and no altitude sickness for me this year. Yippee! I finished 6:52

Meet Tony "Endorphin Dude". Two years ago Tony lost over 50 pounds! He was overweight and diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. Tony started running half marathons and taking his health serious. Today Tony is drug free and loving life! Tony has set a goal to become a Marathon Maniacs! Watch out Maniacs here comes Tony!!!

So many Maniacs!

Everyone was happy and excited!!!

Some of us were in costume.


Catch the star that holds your destiny - the one that forever twinkles with your heart. Take advantage of precious opportunities while they still sparkle before you. Always believe that your ultimate goal is attainable as long as you commit yourself t it. Though barriers may sometimes stand in the way of your dreams remember that your destiny is hiding behind them. Accept the fact that not everyone is going to approve of the choices you make but have faith in your judgment. Catch the star that twinkles in your heart and it will lead you to your destiny's path. Follow that pathway and uncover the sweet sunrises that await you. Take pride in your accomplishments as they are steppingstones to your dreams. Understand that you may make mistakes but don't let them discourage you. Value your capabilities and talents for they are what make you truly unique. The greatest gifts in life are not purchased but acquired through hard work and determination. Find the star that twinkles in your heart for you are capable of making your brightest dreams come true. Give your hopes everything you've got and you will catch the star that holds your destiny.

-Shannon M. Lester-

Yolanda "Walking Diva"

Park City Marathon - Marathon #71

This year Park City Marathon aim was to showcase their beautiful areas of Park City. The course was scenic with rolling hills, surrounding mountains, beautiful trails and paved bike paths. This was my 3rd year walking Park City Marathon and my best. No altitude sickness and I beat my time by 4 minutes. I finished happy 6:14:52.

There were many Maniacs including Guinness World record holder Larry Macon.

I see Larry from Salt Lake City at most of my west coast marathons. Larry is celebrating his 40th lifetime marathon at 69 years young. Congrats Larry! The fabulous Beiyi was present. I met the awesome maniac deaf runner Dotty and my buddy Val was there too.

Gail from Park City is power walking her second marathon. It was nice meeting you Gail. Kurt MM# 2554 is vacating in Utah. Good to see you!

Never let anyone change your mind about what you feel you can achieve. Be true to the light that is deep within you. Hold on to your faith, hope, and joy for life. Keep good thoughts in your mind and good feelings in your heart. Keep love in your life, and you will find the love and light in everyone. Be giving. forgiving, patient, and kind. Have faith in yourself. Be your own best friend, and listen to the voice that tells you to be your best self. Be true to yourself in the paths that you choose. Follow your talents and passions; don't take the roads others say you must follow because they are the most popular. Take the paths where your talents will thrive - the ones that will keep your spirits alive with enthusiasm and everlasting joy. Most of all, never forget that there is no brighter light than the one within you. Follow your inner light to your own personal greatness.
-Jacqueline Schiff-

When your dreams become your life and your life becomes your dreams you begin to see God all over them.

Yolanda "Walking Diva"

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Just another Mile...

She stepped off to complete that first mile
full of confidences with a smile. She didn't
seem to worry about the miles ahead,
she was on a mission no time to be afraid.

With 2664.885 more miles to go what drove her on, only
she and her God know. Now her journey is almost
over; and you may see or not see her again at another
Start, but you can bet your last dollar she will
again walk those miles over and over in her heart.

-Joseph L Booze (Coach Joe)-
Las Vegas, Nevada

Monday, August 16, 2010

Montana de Ore Trail 50K - Marathon #70

My 70th marathon/ultra this year!!! Yippee! Two thirds of my journey to Guinness!

Montana de Ore trail 50k was run at Montana de Ore State park located in Los Osos, California. The park is six miles southwest of the beautiful Morro Bay. Montana de Ore features seven miles of shoreline, rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, coastal plains, streams, canyons, hills, lots of hills, and a 1,347 foot climb to Valencia Peak summit. The weather was nice and cool. I finished 5 minutes longer than last year. 8:45

Michelle and Rachel are running their first trail race. At first they were going to sign up for the 8K but Michelle decided on a 12k. Rachel has a beautiful 5 month old baby girl named Brielle. Excellent way to get in shape ladies!

Jesse has run many trail marathons and this is his first 50K. Brianna has not run anything. This is her first race ever. What a challenge Brianna! Good luck!

I was having a good race with no sleep.


1. Confidence: for when things get tough, when you're overwhelmed, when you think of giving up.

2. Patience: with your own trails and temptations, and with others.

3. An adjustable attitude: one that doesn't react,but responds with well-thought-out actions and feelings.

4. Beauty: within yourself, in your surrounding, and in nature.

5. Excitement: new things to enjoy and learn and experience.

6. Fun: laughter and smiles any way you can get them.

7. Companionship: people to share your happiness and sorrows, your troubles and joys.

8. Health: mental, physical, and emotional.

9. Peace: with others, yourself, and in your environment.

10. Love: pure, unconditional, and eternal.
- Barbara Cage-

Thank you Sara & Mike for a race well done.

Keep Believing & with God all things are possible,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"