Monday, August 16, 2010

Cinderella Trail Marathon - Marathon #69

Cinderella Trail Marathon was run at Joaquin Miller Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California. Cinderella has nice views of the Oakland Hills and the Bay Area. Cinderella's wicked step sister got me! I have done the Sequoia trails many times and found it to be hard and challenging, but Coastal Trail Runs found a way to make Cinderella course even more challenging! That course was WICKED!!! I finally finished 7:45:33

Monica is vacationing with her parents from New Jersey and decided to add a 10k to her vacation plans. Katrina is running her first 10k trail run. Way to go ladies!

Thank you race director Wendell for a challenging marathon #69!


It's only a word.
But it carries with it so much pain
and so little concern,
so much frustration
and so little respect,
so much stress and so little understanding
that people spend their lives
running through their days
in hope of avoiding the long arm of this little word.
To test your vision, you must risk failure.
To temper your ego, you must risk failure.
To tell your story, you must take a chance.
To see beyond the horizon, you must spread your wings.
To be all you can be, you must stretch, flex, try and go
beyond your proven limits.
To bridge the silence, you must risk rejection.
To advance into the unknown, you must risk all
your previous beliefs and emotions that feel so secure.
Failure is not negative. It is a teacher. It molds, refines,
and polishes you so that one day your light will shine for all to see.
It isn't the failure you experience that will determine your
destiny, but your next step and then the next that will
tell the story of your life.
- Tim Connor-

Keep Believing in yourself and your Dreams!
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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