Monday, August 16, 2010

Montana de Ore Trail 50K - Marathon #70

My 70th marathon/ultra this year!!! Yippee! Two thirds of my journey to Guinness!

Montana de Ore trail 50k was run at Montana de Ore State park located in Los Osos, California. The park is six miles southwest of the beautiful Morro Bay. Montana de Ore features seven miles of shoreline, rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, coastal plains, streams, canyons, hills, lots of hills, and a 1,347 foot climb to Valencia Peak summit. The weather was nice and cool. I finished 5 minutes longer than last year. 8:45

Michelle and Rachel are running their first trail race. At first they were going to sign up for the 8K but Michelle decided on a 12k. Rachel has a beautiful 5 month old baby girl named Brielle. Excellent way to get in shape ladies!

Jesse has run many trail marathons and this is his first 50K. Brianna has not run anything. This is her first race ever. What a challenge Brianna! Good luck!

I was having a good race with no sleep.


1. Confidence: for when things get tough, when you're overwhelmed, when you think of giving up.

2. Patience: with your own trails and temptations, and with others.

3. An adjustable attitude: one that doesn't react,but responds with well-thought-out actions and feelings.

4. Beauty: within yourself, in your surrounding, and in nature.

5. Excitement: new things to enjoy and learn and experience.

6. Fun: laughter and smiles any way you can get them.

7. Companionship: people to share your happiness and sorrows, your troubles and joys.

8. Health: mental, physical, and emotional.

9. Peace: with others, yourself, and in your environment.

10. Love: pure, unconditional, and eternal.
- Barbara Cage-

Thank you Sara & Mike for a race well done.

Keep Believing & with God all things are possible,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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