Monday, July 26, 2010

San Francisco Marathon - Marathon #64

I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!! The San Francisco Marathon is the only marathon to run the road bed of the Golden Gate Bridge. I get an awesome high each time I walk the San Francisco Marathon! I meet the most amazing and interesting people. Rosemarie has an in creditable story. 18 months ago Rosemarie lost 110 pounds! She was morbidly obese, diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension & coronary artery disease. Through her good faith, determination and passion for running she lost 110 pounds!!! Rosemarie was so honored to meet me and said my journey is what's keeping her running. You're my "Shero" Rosemarie!!!

I finished 6:20:52

The "Rock Stars" were out in full force!!!

This is Hector and he wants to become a "Rock Star" (Maniac). You're on your way Hector!!! Yippee!!!

These two guys were so excited cause this was their qualifying marathon! Two more "Rock Stars"

I'm loving life!!!

More celebrities!!!

Your life is full of blessings, both seen and unseen, as gifts from God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, we are uniquely created and planted in our surroundings to be a blessing for others and to receive blessing through others.

Even before God created the Garden of Eden, he had each of us in mind. He made the entire universe- his garden- with each of us specifically in his thoughts and on his heart. God knew precisely what mix of talents and gifts he would blend together so that you would bloom in a way different from anyone else. God knew what nurturing you would require, what weeding would be necessary, and what pruning would make it possible for you to branch out to your full potential. Your Lord made you to be beautiful, precious, and cherished. No one else can fill your place in his garden.

God, who knows your every thought, word, and deed, is also the Master Gardener who planted you where you are today. He has chosen just the right spot, and he is anxious to see you bloom, reflecting the love he so graciously bestows upon you.

Lord, you are awesome in wonder! Help me bloom where you have planted me! Amen.
-Carol Albecht-

When your Dreams become your Life and your Life becomes your Dreams, you begin to see God all over them.

Yolanda"Walking Diva"

Sequoia Trail Run 50K - Marathon #63

The Sequoia Trail Run 50K was located in the beautiful Oakland Hills. The course travels through beautiful Joaquin Miller Park to Redwood Regional Park. The views of Oakland Hills and the Bay Area were spectacular.

Karen, Rudy, Ed and I are doing a double. We are running the San Francisco Marathon tomorrow. Yes we are crazy and there is a club for people like us. Marathon Maniacs!!!

Rudy is training for the Double Dare ultra marathon in Lake Tahoe in September. The DD is two laps around the lake in opposite directions. 144.4 miles!!! Good luck Rudy!

These ladies are from Tucson Arizona and this is their first 50K. They were having too much fun! Congrats ladies!!!

LIVE LIFE IN A BEAUTIFUL WAY...Live to the fullest, and make each day count. Don't let the important things go unsaid. Have simple pleasures in this complex world. Be a joyous spirit and a sensitive soul. Take those long walks that would love to be taken. Explore those sunlit paths that would love to oblige. Don't just have minutes in the day; have moments in time. Believe in the new strength you're discovering inside. Make tomorrow happier by going there in ways that really matter. And don't ever forget that, eventually...dream-chasers become dream-catchers. Work on the "big picture" and turn it into the masterpiece you know it can be.
-Douglas Pagels-

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.

Keep Believing,
Yolanda" Walking Diva"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cool Moon 24/12 Hour Run - Marathon #62

The Cool Moon 24/12 Hour Run was run at the Auburn State Recreation Area in Cool California. The course was a 9 mile loop on single track and fire roads. I did the 12 hour night run. I was very tired from walking the Headland Marathon that morning. I arrived in Cool around 5pm to 98 degree heat! It was cold in Sausalito, 52 degree at the start.

My first loop I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. I picked wild berries and enjoyed the pretty wild flowers. I also saw a flock of wild turkeys. Is this good luck to see a flock of wild turkeys twice in one day in two different locations? My second loop was scary. I heard a pack of coyotes howling. They had a distinctive call that develop into a raucous canine chorus. It was loud and long. I saw behind me that there were two runners approaching me. I waited for them and asked if I could join them. Carol and her nephew Nate were running the 24 hour run and were on their 6th loop. Carol has done many ultras marathons which included the Western States 100 Miler in 2006. Nate has done many ultras and marathons too. Earlier in the day the heat had risen to over 100 degrees. This was their last loop. I was tired and wanting to quit. Carol offered to pace me if my friend Dennis didn't show. Thank you Carol!

I GIVE THANKS EACH AND EVERY DAY...I am grateful for all of the wonderful things in my world - the beautiful daffodils, the delicious food, the computers and other technological wonders that make my life easier, my good friends, my lovely home, my sleek car, my loving pets, my intelligent mind, my healthy body - everything! I express gratitude to the Universe often, knowing that my thoughts are heard and appreciated. I have a perpetual attitude gratitude.
- Louise L Hay-

Dennis paced me my 3rd and last loop. Thank you Dennis! I finished 27 miles in 7:28:28... Race Series is in its 7th season and continues its dedication to the pursuit of running and bringing people together. The Race Series includes ultra marathons from 30 km to 24 Hours. They are run in a variety of locations from the foothills to Northern California to the spectacular views of Lake Tahoe. They also include many challenging types of courses and conditions. These races are for runners of all abilities. Thank you Robert for a race well done!

Keep Believing,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

Headland Marathon - Marathon #61

Headland Marathon started at Rodeo Beach. Headland marathon also offered a 50 miler; I opted to do the marathon. The course had spectacular views of Marin Headland, Tiburon, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was cold but good for running and the trail was hard and challenging. My speed is becoming slow. I actually thought I finished under 6 hours. I think I'm enjoying myself way to much...I finished 7:15:25 This is Troy Marathon Maniac #360. Troy enjoys ultras as much as road marathons.

Look wild turkeys!!!...

Billy & Lora are running the 50 miler and they are having so much fun!
They were half way and still smiling!!!

EVERYTHING I need comes to me in the perfect time-space sequence. Just as all the stars and planets are in their perfect orbit and in Divine right order, so am I. I may not understand everything that is going on with my limited human mind; however, I know that on the cosmic level, I must be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Positive thoughts are what I choose to think. This present experience is a stepping-stone to a new awareness and greater glory.
- Louise L Hay -

Keep Believing,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sycamore Canyon Park Marathon - Marathon # 60

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park is located in Riverside, California. Sycamore Canyon has awesome views of the surrounding mountains. The trail was technical and hard. The last two miles I got heat exhaustion and I managed to finish 7:21:40.

This is John Bozung! John ran a marathon on all 7 Continents, becoming the 9th person in the world to complete this "feet", and one of only 2 people to have done all 7 in one calendar year. John's journey is unbelievable and amazing! Check out his journey:

This is pretty Laura and she now runs her marathons in "five finger". Nice to see you Laura!

I OPEN NEW DOORS TO LIFE: Ahead of me is a continuous corridor of doors -- each one opening to a new experience. As I move forward, I see myself opening various doors on wonderful experiences that I would like to have. I trust that my inner guide is leading me and guiding me in ways that are best for me, and that my spiritual growth is continuously expanding. No matter which door opens or which door closes, I am always safe. I am eternal. I will go on forever from experience to experience. I see myself opening doors to joy, peace, healing, prosperity, love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, freedom, self-worth, and self-esteem. It is all here before me. --Louise L. Hay--

"When your Dreams become your Life and your Life becomes your Dreams, you begin to see God all over them."

Keep Believing!
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

Dirty Dozen 12 Hour Run - Marathon #59

Dirty Dozen 12 Hour Run was held at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Park in Pinole, California. The Course consists of 3.1 mile loop on dirt fire trails. The course had nice views of the shoreline, bridges and mountains. The dirt trail also went through beautiful fragrant eucalyptus groves. I did 10 laps (31 miles) and finished 8:26:25.

Val, Marathon Maniac #1057 has done 3 ultras and 4 marathons this year. Val ran 49 miles. Awesome Val!

Blessed: Giving and Receiving!
Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.
1 Peter 4:10

I FOLLOW MY INNER WISDOM...My inner wisdom knows all the answers. Sometimes it is scary to know that, because the answer I get inside may be quite different from what my friends or family want me to do. Yet I know inwardly what is right for me, and if I follow this inner wisdom, I am at peace with my own being. I support myself in making the right choices for me. When I am in doubt, I ask myself: Am I coming from the loving space of the heart? Is this a decision that is loving for me? Is this right for me now? The decision I make at some later point --a day, a week, or a month later -- may no longer be the right choice, and then I can change it. I ask in every moment: Is this right for me? And I reply: I love myself, and I am making the right choices. --Louise L. Hay--

Dirty Dozen 12 Hour Run was well organized, excellent aid stations, nice tech shirt and the hardware, (Medal) Beautiful!!! Brazen Racing puts on many events throughout the year. Thank you Race Director Sam for a great race.

Keep Believing in your Dreams!

Yolanda "Walking Diva"