Monday, July 19, 2010

Cool Moon 24/12 Hour Run - Marathon #62

The Cool Moon 24/12 Hour Run was run at the Auburn State Recreation Area in Cool California. The course was a 9 mile loop on single track and fire roads. I did the 12 hour night run. I was very tired from walking the Headland Marathon that morning. I arrived in Cool around 5pm to 98 degree heat! It was cold in Sausalito, 52 degree at the start.

My first loop I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. I picked wild berries and enjoyed the pretty wild flowers. I also saw a flock of wild turkeys. Is this good luck to see a flock of wild turkeys twice in one day in two different locations? My second loop was scary. I heard a pack of coyotes howling. They had a distinctive call that develop into a raucous canine chorus. It was loud and long. I saw behind me that there were two runners approaching me. I waited for them and asked if I could join them. Carol and her nephew Nate were running the 24 hour run and were on their 6th loop. Carol has done many ultras marathons which included the Western States 100 Miler in 2006. Nate has done many ultras and marathons too. Earlier in the day the heat had risen to over 100 degrees. This was their last loop. I was tired and wanting to quit. Carol offered to pace me if my friend Dennis didn't show. Thank you Carol!

I GIVE THANKS EACH AND EVERY DAY...I am grateful for all of the wonderful things in my world - the beautiful daffodils, the delicious food, the computers and other technological wonders that make my life easier, my good friends, my lovely home, my sleek car, my loving pets, my intelligent mind, my healthy body - everything! I express gratitude to the Universe often, knowing that my thoughts are heard and appreciated. I have a perpetual attitude gratitude.
- Louise L Hay-

Dennis paced me my 3rd and last loop. Thank you Dennis! I finished 27 miles in 7:28:28... Race Series is in its 7th season and continues its dedication to the pursuit of running and bringing people together. The Race Series includes ultra marathons from 30 km to 24 Hours. They are run in a variety of locations from the foothills to Northern California to the spectacular views of Lake Tahoe. They also include many challenging types of courses and conditions. These races are for runners of all abilities. Thank you Robert for a race well done!

Keep Believing,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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