Monday, July 19, 2010

Headland Marathon - Marathon #61

Headland Marathon started at Rodeo Beach. Headland marathon also offered a 50 miler; I opted to do the marathon. The course had spectacular views of Marin Headland, Tiburon, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was cold but good for running and the trail was hard and challenging. My speed is becoming slow. I actually thought I finished under 6 hours. I think I'm enjoying myself way to much...I finished 7:15:25 This is Troy Marathon Maniac #360. Troy enjoys ultras as much as road marathons.

Look wild turkeys!!!...

Billy & Lora are running the 50 miler and they are having so much fun!
They were half way and still smiling!!!

EVERYTHING I need comes to me in the perfect time-space sequence. Just as all the stars and planets are in their perfect orbit and in Divine right order, so am I. I may not understand everything that is going on with my limited human mind; however, I know that on the cosmic level, I must be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Positive thoughts are what I choose to think. This present experience is a stepping-stone to a new awareness and greater glory.
- Louise L Hay -

Keep Believing,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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