Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stars and Stripes Marathon - #56

The Stars and Stripes marathon is day one of my first back to back triple. Jim and Larry are both on their 11th round of the 50 states. Amazing! Just Amazing! GREAT ACHIEVERS... I am fascinated by other people's creativity and productivity. I am in awe of their dedication and determination to fulfill their talents and desires. Great achievers are those who follow the yearnings of their souls. They are those who challenge themselves with daily sacrifices and relentlessly endure the inconveniences and consequences that occur as a result of their goals. They are focused on developing themselves, mastering their unique abilities, and making their dreams a part of their lifestyles. They create their own lives by never wasting a single day and possessing the inner strength to carry on through all of life's changes with an open mind and a hopeful heart.
-Deena Beisser- I admire you Jim & Larry.

I met Brad and Mary at the Red Rock Marathon in Las Vegas. Happy running!

California living...I have always wanted to take a yoga class on the beach. Next time...

I finished 6:18:50...
"When your dreams become your life and your life becomes your dreams you begin to see God all over them."

Yolanda"Walking Diva"

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