Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Marathon Show Marathon - July 23, 2011

The Marathon Show Marathon had a twist. This was a "reverse" marathon.  In a reverse marathon we all finish at about the same time, which was 10am.  To accomplish this, runners all begin at their goal time before 10am.  The course was held in beautiful Newport Beach California!  The finishers medal is awesome! I finished 6:51

We all loved the medal!  It's all about the bling...

Thanks Joe for a marathon well done!  The medal is a must have for your collection...

It's not how much you accomplish in life
that really counts,
but how much you give to others.
It's not how high you build your dreams
that makes a difference,
but how high your faith can climb.
It's not how many goals you reach,
but how many lives you touch.
It's not whom you know that matters,
but who you are inside.

Believe in the impossible,
hold tight to the incredible,
and live each day to its fullest potential.
You can make a difference in your world.
- Rebecca Barlow Jordan-

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Run the Beach Marathon - July 17, 2011

Run the Beach Marathon was held in Huntington Beach California. The course was out and back on an incredibly scenic oceanfront bike path.  I finished 7:17.

It was great to see my favorite marathon maniac buddy Steve and the beautiful and fast Sally.
You're good, but you're going to be great.
You're the best, but you're going to get better.
Sometimes the paths we take are long and hard, but remember: those are always the ones that lead to the most beautiful views.  Challenges come along inevitably: how you respond to them determines who you are - deep down inside - and everything you've going to be. Increase the chances of reaching your goals by working at them gradually. The very best you can do is all that is asked of you. Realize that you are capable of working miracles of your own making.  Remember that opportunities have a reason for knocking on your door, and the right ones are there for the taking.  You don't always have to win, but you do need to know what it takes to be a winner.  It's up to you to find the key that unlocks the door to a more fulfilling life.  Understand that increased difficulty brings you nearer to the truth of how to survive it - and get beyond it.  Cross your bridges.  Meet your challenges. Reach out for your dreams, and bring them closer and closer to your heart.  Get rid of the "if only's" and get on with whatever you need to do to get things right.  Go after what you want in life, with all the blessings of all the people who care about you.  And find out what making your wishes come true really feels like.
-Collin McCarty-

In the "Spotlight" with Tony Endorphin Dude

Meet celebrity Marathon Maniac Tony "Endorphin Dude" from San Francisco!

About three years ago, I tipped the scale at 223 pounds. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and I took meds for adult onset diabetes. A typical day in the life of unhealthy Tony  consisted of over-eating and no physical activity.  I sit in a cube in front of the computer all day, so consumption of large quantities of food was my norm.  The only exercise I got in the office was my hourly walk to the vending machine.  (Ok, who am I kidding, it was more like every 15 minutes!) After work, Jabba The Hutt would take over my body and the sloth in me would lounge on the couch until past midnight.  With only junk food in my system and no exercise, I found myself clocking in only four hours of sleep every night.  By the time 6am would roll around, I would struggle to get out of bed. My daily routine proved to be a dangerous equation: gluttony + immobility = early expiration date.

On April Fool’s Day I thought I was having a heart attack. No joke. I felt numbness on the left side of my body and a sharp pain in my chest.  My dog Chewbacca barked and ran around in circles as if she sensed she was soon going to be an orphan.  I got up from the couch, leashed up the dog and went for a walk.  The cool breeze made a world of difference. When I returned, Chewbacca snuggled up with me and gave me that don’t-ever-do-that-again stare in her eyes.  This was the turning point.  I knew I had to make some changes in my life. That short walk eventually turned into multi-mile urban hikes with the dog. I then started to jog, and before I knew it, I was running. A year later, I dropped a huge chunk of weight, was weaned off all meds, and ran! 

On July 25, 2010, I ran my first full marathon in San Francisco. When I crossed that finish line, I saw all the blood, sweat, tears, and GU flash before my eyes. What an incredibly surreal moment, one that felt like a euphoric out of body experience. I had never ever felt runner's high to that degree. I knew that day that I would replay that moment in my head, over and over again, for the rest of my life. I was on that runner’s high for days, and I admit, I wore that medal around my neck when I took Chewbacca for her walk. My legs, knees, and thighs may have been completely banged up, but my heart kept yearning for more. Two short months later, I became a Marathon Maniac. 

The San Francisco Marathon was supposed to have been my one and done bucket list race, but being out there on the marathon course makes me feel like a super hero. I am Endorphin Dude!  Who would have thought that the guy who had a heart attack scare would become the Marathon Caped Crusader?  I am definitely experiencing a cardiac infarction of the euphoric kind these days.

Since October 2009, I have run 27 ultra/marathons and 39 half marathons. Every time I cross that finish line, I think about how my dog saved me.  Chewbacca is a rescue dog with a pretty troubled past.  She was a pregnant stray when the Peninsula Humane Society found her.  There was probably some abuse that went on as well.  Thankfully, the kind folks at PHS took very good care of her.  I knew right away that she was the one for me and it didn't take long before I adopted her. People tell me all the time that I did a good thing by rescuing this dog, but the reality is that she rescued me.

I am Endorphin Dude, and I will be running 52 marathons this year for all of Chewbacca's homeless four legged friends.  All proceeds of my fundraising will go to the Peninsula Humane Society, the folks who helped me find my side kick. This dog has changed my life for the better, and it is my hope that her furry friends at the Peninsula Humane Society will do the same for another. 

You can read all about my journey at  If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here:  

Thanks again and I'll see you at the finish line!
-Tony "Endorphin Dude-

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July/August issue of Women's Running Magazine - July 10, 2011

I'm featured in the July/August issue of Women's Running Magazine!

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.
-Anatole France-

When your dreams become your life and your life becomes your dreams, you begin to see God all over them!
Yolanda "Walking Diva" Holder

In the "Spotlight" with Julie

Meet the beautiful and fabulous Julie from Santa Monica California!

Hi I am Julie. Running is my passion, my life and my love. I started running at age 37, before that I was overweight on antidepressants and I could barely run around the block. I needed to do something wonderful. I knew I had greatness within me so I decided to train with a friend for the 2007 Los Angeles triathlon and the rest is history.
The marathon was intriguing to me. It was while I was training with a running group that I found out about the Boston Marathon. So I ran my first marathon, the LA Marathon in 2008. I was about one hour short of qualifying for Boston, but again I knew deep down that I could do this. Between March of 2008 and December of 2010 I had run 18 marathons. Maybe I was having a mid life crisis, and if so, what a great way to deal with it. Some people drink, some go shopping and I decided to run a bunch of marathons and am having the time of my life. On my 19th attempt I qualified for Boston. I never, ever gave up. I even made it into Runners World. I knew that if you make a choice to follow your dreams and give it all you've got, anything is possible.

My victory was bitter sweet. My father was my greatest fan and most challenging critic. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October of 2010 and I lost him only a month later. Our greatest dream was that he would see me qualify for the Boston Marathon where we would go together for him to cheer me on.
This picture represents a runner's moment of ecstasy and deep sorrow. I ran this marathon for him. I finished with a time of 3:47. My fingers are pointing to him in Heaven and my rapture is for us both. He was not here in person to see me run Boston this past April, but I know he was watching. I think you can see the joy and gratitude I feel for him in my face.

I am now a pace leader with the LA Road Runners. My commitment is to inspire other runners, or even those who just dream to get off the couch and run around the block. When I run, my spirit shines, and sharing that light with the world is a joy that words can not even describe.

Starting in April of 2012, I will be going on a journey to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks in honor of my father to benefit The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and all those who aspire to have a healthier, happier life style. 

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to show people that with a firm belief, a deep desire and with hard work and determination that doors will open up for you that you didn't even know existed. Just follow your heart, believe in yourself, and let the miracles happen.

Monday, July 4, 2011

In the "Spotlight" with Nicol

Meet the fabulous, beautiful, talented and amazing Nicol from San Diego California!

Coming from a small town in Missouri, you are the only black girl for miles and everyone wants to tell you “no”,I quickly picked up these two words, “LET’S GO!”!  “Let’s Go equaling a challenge has been made and I can handle it!”  It’s one thing to be told “no” and you can not have what you want but when you are told “no” because you are a little different or considered a minority, that does not vibe with me!

I was born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri, a small town 30 miles away from St. Louis, Missouri (you know where that big ARCH thing stands).  Both parents worked hard to raise their 2 girls and 1 son right.  The drive to keep moving and prove that I could do what the next person was doing came from my grandmother who told me to never give up!

I majored in Apparel Manufacturing and Design at the University of Missouri, Columbia where I also became one of the top Track & Field athletes in the Big 12 conference.  My life has always been busy with a full school/work schedule and incorporating fitness to keep me in shape! I met my husband at UMC and we have two beautiful girls! We moved to California a year after we graduated from college and we are now true Californians with 16 years under out belt.

Once we arrived in California, I started my career as a design assistant, taking any job that would teach me the ropes and get me started.  I finally landed a great job a Mattel, Inc. designing Barbie.  That is where I learned “hands on” about manufacturing, management, and the design and marketing process of a product.  Six years into Mattel, I started my own company Dirty Red Gear.  Dirty Red Gear consists of women’s athletic apparel that can take you from the gym to running around town to complete errands.  The fit contours a woman’s body and feel like a glove when you wear it.

Dirty Red Gear’s name was influenced by a story my mother-in-law would share with me about my husband.  He was so fair skinned that when he would have a tantrum, his face would turn bright red and he would always be dirty from playing.  So, she gave him the nickname little “Dirty Red”.  The name was catchy and after testing it with all my friends and family, it stuck!

Currently, I am working on building a world of fitness that my clothing line has sparked.  I love everything about fitness and getting others to move.  I have built a running club called TEAM DIRTY RED and now beginning to build personal training and group fitness community that will motivate my community to move.  I am 40 years old, always mistaken to be much younger.  Women ask me all the time, what is it that I am doing? I tell them that just because Track&Field ended didn’t mean that my physical fitness had to.  I kept moving and stayed active.  

The way that I see it, your body has been built to “move”, get a little “dirty” and turn “red” when working out! There is no other way around it.  It’s a great way to keep your family healthy, motivated and happy!

Stars & Stripes Marathon - July 3, 2011

Stars & Stripes Marathon was held on a gorgeous paved bike path with a slight elevation climb. It's always a pleasure to see Amazing Joe.  I finished 7:22
Always. Unconditionally.  Follow your own heart.  Understand that persistence, hard work, and determination are the keys to success.
-Barbara Cage-

Summer Fun Marathon - July 2, 2011

Summer Fun Marathon was held in Riverside California.  The course was scenic and goes out 6.55 miles on wide dirt trails alongside Gage Canal, then back 6.55 miles to the start area.  I took a early start to beat the heat.  I finished 7:15 in 95 degree heat!  I walked with the legendary Jim Simpson and he's on his 12th round of the Fifty States.
 Nice trail...
Good seeing you Marina...
The road to success leads through the valley of humility, and the path is up the ladder of patience and across the wide barren plains of perseverance. As yet, no short cut has been discovered.
-Joseph J Lamb-