Monday, July 26, 2010

San Francisco Marathon - Marathon #64

I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!! The San Francisco Marathon is the only marathon to run the road bed of the Golden Gate Bridge. I get an awesome high each time I walk the San Francisco Marathon! I meet the most amazing and interesting people. Rosemarie has an in creditable story. 18 months ago Rosemarie lost 110 pounds! She was morbidly obese, diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension & coronary artery disease. Through her good faith, determination and passion for running she lost 110 pounds!!! Rosemarie was so honored to meet me and said my journey is what's keeping her running. You're my "Shero" Rosemarie!!!

I finished 6:20:52

The "Rock Stars" were out in full force!!!

This is Hector and he wants to become a "Rock Star" (Maniac). You're on your way Hector!!! Yippee!!!

These two guys were so excited cause this was their qualifying marathon! Two more "Rock Stars"

I'm loving life!!!

More celebrities!!!

Your life is full of blessings, both seen and unseen, as gifts from God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, we are uniquely created and planted in our surroundings to be a blessing for others and to receive blessing through others.

Even before God created the Garden of Eden, he had each of us in mind. He made the entire universe- his garden- with each of us specifically in his thoughts and on his heart. God knew precisely what mix of talents and gifts he would blend together so that you would bloom in a way different from anyone else. God knew what nurturing you would require, what weeding would be necessary, and what pruning would make it possible for you to branch out to your full potential. Your Lord made you to be beautiful, precious, and cherished. No one else can fill your place in his garden.

God, who knows your every thought, word, and deed, is also the Master Gardener who planted you where you are today. He has chosen just the right spot, and he is anxious to see you bloom, reflecting the love he so graciously bestows upon you.

Lord, you are awesome in wonder! Help me bloom where you have planted me! Amen.
-Carol Albecht-

When your Dreams become your Life and your Life becomes your Dreams, you begin to see God all over them.

Yolanda"Walking Diva"


  1. Saw the link on the Manics page to your quest for a new record. Good luck on efforts. I saw you on the Golden Gate. I was wearing my fantics shirt and my Maniacs hat, as I was only running the first half. I also Saw Dave Mari at the expo and on the Golden Gate. I'm in awe of your accomplishments. All the best to you
    Henry MM2413

  2. Yolanda so great to run into you in San Francisco and again last night at The Buckeye Endurance Run. Blessings on your quest.