Monday, February 20, 2012

Rocky Road 100 Miler

ROCKY ROAD 100 MILER - February 18 - 19, 2012

Rocky Road 100 miler was my 5th 100 miler and my best 100 miler!  It wasn't my best time but I was in the best company of friends and ultra marathoners.  The weather was great and the food and volunteers were amazing!  I finished with painful blisters in 31:12:09.

I was in the best company with my good friend and marathon buddy MG.  This was her first 100 miler and you would not have known it.  A friend is someone who truly cares about you and MG is one of those people.  MG finished her first 100 miler in 30:02 and our goal was to finish in 29:59:59.  So close.  Congrats MG!
This is Dale finishing up strong...
Congrats Jean on your 3rd Rocky Road 100 Miler finish!!!
Thanks so much Hector for your support and encouragement...
Wow!  I was honored that 11 year old Colby came to greet me and walk me in.  Colby has run three half marathons and one half marathon in under two hours.  Thank you Colby!
My famous I'm in so much pain smile...Thank you Charlie and Rob for the best 100 miler and a race well done...
My 5th buckle and the largest buckle...


Hope is a beautiful answer to many difficult questions.  Hope only asks that you believe.  Hope is "hanging in there" until help arrives.  Whenever a day didn't go as planned, hope is there as a comforting guide to help you understand.

Hope is a quiet, personal place where you can always take shelter.  Hope is the warm and welcomed knowledge that beautiful possibilities exist.  Hope is all these special things, and - in simply knowing this-  When hope is all you've still have got a lot.

If you keep planting the seeds of your dreams,
they'll keep trying their best to blossom for you.
-Douglas Pagels-