Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Golden Gate Trail Marathon

Golden Gate Trail marathon has great views of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco and surrounding cities.  The trails were challenging but I managed to finish in 7:05:14
It was great to see lots of Maniacs...
Nature Is Our Best Teacher

Nature exists just as it is,
intimidated by no one.
In the world of nature,
what is known as spirit is that which is.
Creatures do not alter their existence
to be other than they are;
their spirits remain true.

In nature,
the passage of time,
like the change of seasons,
is endless and forever.
Time is not measured; it just exists.
As people, we try to measure everything;
we want to calculate or evaluate time,
and most definitely, we want to control it.

We could learn many things from nature.
One very important truth
would be simply to be yourself...
for that is your true spirit.
Another valuable lesson is
to live for today,
to be a part of the changes
and processes of now,
for it is in experiencing this moment
that you will be ready to experience the next.
If you live your life touching the present,
you will always be living your life
-Deanna Beisser-


  1. It was great seeing you out there - my second race ever with you! I still can't get over how non-tired you looked with about 5 miles to go.