Monday, April 12, 2010


107 MILES - MARATHON #30, 31 & 32

This weekend was amazing!!! I finished 3 events that total to 107 miles. My journey started at Red Rock Hotel. At the start of the marathon I met up with some of my marathon buddies.

I started the marathon at 7am and finished in 6:06:40. The marathon course was beautiful and a little challenging. The views of Lovell Canyon were very pretty. After finishing the marathon I changed bibs and started the 50 miler. The 50 miler course was the same as the marathon. 11 mile loop 4 times with a short 6 mile loop. I'm feeling great and everything is going ok until 1am. I started to get delirious. The darkness of the night cause by sense of direction to become off and I started to lose my balance. As I was nearing the start/finish area I felt like I was lost. I saw a car coming and I stopped the driver and asked "where is the campground" she said "what???. I said "you know, the campground. The Lady asked me what was I doing in terms of 50 miler, 100 miler. I said " 6 miles and that's when she said to herself that I'm getting delirious. She told me that I was going in the right direction and had about a half mile left. I'll tell more about being delirious at the end.

The last 6 mile loop I started to lose my balance. I started wobbling and walking like I was drunk. Now I'm back at the start/finish and have finished my 50 miler in 14:10:36. I finished around 3:30am. It was very cold, 37-40 degrees. I have about an hour and a half to rest. I changed bibs and chip and got ready for my 50K. I have 76 miles under my belt and 31 more miles to go, just a little 50K, that's all just 31 little miles...a piece of cake...This is how I talk to myself. It's 5am and I am off to walk my last little 31 miles. I'm walking but my legs felt like lead and they feel very heavy. I have blisters on both feet. As I was approaching the 11 mile mark which was the turnaround for the marathon, 50 & 100 miler, it dawn on me that the 50K had an out and back to the Summit. I looked at my garmin and I was already 3 hours and 11 minutes into the 50K. The cutoff for the 50K was 9 hours. Now I'm starting to get nervous. I reached the 11 mile aid station and started asking the volunteers questions about Lovell Canyon Summit. As I started walking up the canyon I realize this part of the course was a trail. I started walking up and up and up. I panic! I started crying! Oh my god I'm going to DNF (did not finish). I heard a runner coming and I turned around, wiped my tears and said "are we going in the right direction?" He said "yes, and you have a good pace and I have been trying to catch you". I said no I don't, and I won't make it, I don't have enough time. The runners name is John. John looked at his garmin and said "you do at this pace and we are almost to the top, you have nothing to worry about. John was my angel. John gave me positive reinforcement. Once again I was delirious.
Lovell Canyon Summit was beautiful! Awesome view! I headed back down the mountain. I finished my 50K in 8:41:02 My husband was waiting for me at the finish line and so was a surprise from the Race Director Joyce. I received 4 medals and a buckle! The buckle was the surprise. The medals are beautiful!!! so is the buckle.
Wow!!! I did it!!! 3 events, 107 miles in 28:58:08.
What I learned from this experience is that you can get delirious when running/walking a 100 miler. I saw the Lady ( sorry I didn't get her name) and she was very concerned about me. I thought I could be in the dark without a marathon buddy.
Labor of Love was the best marathon, 50 miler, 50K that I have done!!! Loved it! I'll be back next year! Well maybe not for 3 events.
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  1. Way to go Yolanda - You Maniac! That is fantastic! According to the schedule you sent me at the beginning of the year, this puts you up by one extra event. Like I keep telling you - time to raise that goal of 100 and go full out for the all time marathon record. . . it's only 106! In two more weekends you'll be over one third of the way there. Still looking forward to sharing some miles with you at your 12/31/10 marathon - watching the moon disappear, and the sun come up - just like 12/31/09. You're amazing. See you Saturday at Hard Corps Marathon. ED