Monday, October 11, 2010

Golden Hills Trail Marathon - Marathon#85

Golden Hills Trail Marathon started in Berkeley California at Berkeley's Tilden Park and finished 26.2 miles at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley. The course ran along the East Bay Skyline National Trail, which included fireroads and single track trails that provided gorgeous views of San Francisco, Mt. Diablo and the golden hills of the East Bay. It was a beautiful morning in Berkeley. I finished 7:43:08

Dick Collins Firetrail 50 miler was held in conjunction with the Golden Hills Marathon. Marathon Maniac #111 "McLovin" was running the Firetrail 50 miler. He says he doesn't like running 50 milers but I think he likes the challenge. Nice to see you Robert!

Jenny has been running very well this year. Firetrail 50 miler was Jenny's 50th marathon/ultra. Congrats Jenny!

Loren from Minnesota is enjoying the views.

The views of San Francisco were spectacular. We also ran through redwood forest and many different types of trees.

Just three simple steps to create what you want. However, very often the second step, believe, can be the most difficult one. And yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waiver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world. When you master believing, you have mastered your life.
-The Secret-

Keep Believing!
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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  1. Congrats, Yolanda! I was so stoked to see you. I feel somewhat puny having "only" run 2 marathons and 8 ultras this year. There were 3 cutoff points, which I made by about 10 minutes each. Maybe I will see you at Long Beach Marathon (I will be at mile 20 handing out beer!).