Friday, December 10, 2010

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon - Marathon #101


WOW! I did it! Guinness World Record,"Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year" by a woman. 101 MARATHONS in 2010!!!

My journey would not have been possible if it wasn't for my wonderful family and friends. God brings people into your life even if it's just for a moment. I give thanks to God for giving me the strength and courage to take on such a huge challenge. I have stepped out of my comfort zone. With God's help, a little hard work, some motivation, staying focus, lots of determination, along with some persistence, I was able to accomplish my dream of "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year by a woman".

I had a lot of help along the way. So many people played an important part in my journey.
My husband Roger - Thank you for your love and support. I LOVE YOU!!!!
My son RJ - Thanks for driving me home from Arizona...I know I will owe you for life. Love you!
My daughter Tiffany - Thanks for your prayers. Love you baby girl!
My mom - Thanks for always believing in me. I love you mom!
My brother Ronnie - Thanks brother!!! love ya...
My best friend Cheryl - Thanks for talking to me while I drove all night and making sure I reached the start line safely. It's so amazing that we can talk for 7 hours about nothing. Love you girl!
My best friend Veronica - Thanks for the phone conversations. I hope we get to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle...Love you!
My best friend Angela - Thank you Angela!!!
My best friend Brenda - Thank you so much Brenda! Congrats Ryan on your PR
My best friend Debbie - Thanks Debbie for listening to me talk on Monday morning about my marathons. You were the only one that would answer the phone. Love you girly!
Mr. Larry Macon - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Steve, Chris & Tony - A HUGE THANK YOU! I love being a Marathon Maniac!!!
Steve & Paula Boone - I plan on finishing up the 50 states soon.
To all my marathon buddies - Hey Maniacs!!!!
To the person who has my Iphone 4...Please return it...It has all of my 101 marathons pictures!!! I left my cell phone on the chair at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas on Monday December 6th at 11:30am. PLEASE RETURN MY PHONE!!!!

Yolanda "Walking Diva" Holder


  1. Congradulations Yolanda! You are such an inspiration that I am going to look into running marathons so I can feel some of what you feel when you finish a marathon; the joy of completion, the accomplishment of finishing a goal in one year and all the great feelings you've had on your way to 101. Maybe in 10 years at 71, I'll break that 101 record that you so much deserve. Love you. Again, Congratulations! FJ

  2. Congratulations, you awesome woman, you! You are amazing. Love! Cyndie

  3. OOPs! I didn't spell Congratulations correctly the first time, but Yolanda, sincerely, you are the greatest and I admire you and what you've done and I must say, after being your friend for 12 years, I really wish that trophy belonged to me. You really hung in there and did it! Please let me know how I can get into a training session with you and how much it will cost. I've gotta run a marathon. Please, I've got to. FJ

  4. Congratulations Yolanda! I'm happy to say I've been at a number of your marathons/ultras. I hope you don't stop now. See you around! ;)

  5. Congrats. We met at #79 in Redwood Park and I've been checking on you ever since.

  6. A BIG congrats on a huge milestone!!! I read somewhere you'll be doing the ZombieRunner Bay Trail event this month. I hope to meet you then.

  7. Guinness World Record..Awesome!!

  8. Congratulations, Yolanda! It was amazing to see you on your journey throughout the year.

  9. Yolanda! Every time John and I signed up for a run he would always ask me "Is yolanda going to be at this one?" You are always such a joy to see, smiling and hopeful and positive. May you fulfill all your dreams and continue to inspire!