Monday, September 27, 2010

Lake Tahoe Triple Day 1 - Marathon # 81

The Lake Tahoe Triple is three different marathons in three days in two states. The triple covers the entire shoreline of the lake over three days. This was my 4th year walking the Lake Tahoe Triple. I finished

Day 1 started at Emerald Bay. The views of the lake were spectacular! There were challenging hills but the scenery was well worth the climb.

It was a beautiful morning and a little cold, in the low 30's.

Rudy and Mark are running the Tahoe Double Dare. The Tahoe Double Dare is running two 72 milers around the lake, each in opposite directions. Good lucks guys!


Life is like a steam of water and we all occupy different rocks within the stream. Some people occupy pebbles while some occupy boulders. Regardless of the size of the rock we occupy, there are always bigger and better rocks available to all of us. The problem with moving to a bigger and better rock is that it requires a leap of faith. Most people want to occupy a bigger and better rock but they are afraid that if they jump they will fall into the stream of life and drown. The fear of failure paralyzes them. These people do not want to jump unless they are absolutely sure certain that they will land on the desired rock and not drown. So they spend their lives waiting for the perfect no risk conditions to jump, which never comes. What people fail to realize is that God doesn't bless you while you sit on your rock and do nothing. God blesses you after you have taken the leap of faith. He blesses you while you are in the air and makes sure that you land safely.
-Author Unknown-

Keep Believing in your Dreams!
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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