Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Marathon - September 5, 2011

Labor Day Marathon was held in Dove Canyon California. The marathon was run on a hilly and challenging trail with an out and back route with beautiful scenic views of the canyon and the mountains surrounding Dove Canyon.  This was my first trail of the year and I finished 7:45.
I'm Tony "Endorphin Dude" #1 fan!  Love you Tony!
The amazing Rosemarie!
Congrats Cyndie on your Labor Day Triple marathon!  See you in a few weeks for the beautiful Lake Tahoe Triple...You are a MANIAC!!!
Hi Roxana!  It was so nice to see you my friend...
For all of us, the key is to pay close attention to which activities make us feel most alive and in love with life - and then try to spend as much time as possible engaged in those activities.
-Nathaniel Branden, PH.D

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  1. You always look like you're having fun. Kudos to you!!