Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catalina Eco Marathn - 300 Lifetime Marathon

My 300 lifetime marathon!  What better place to celebrate a milestone than beautiful Catalina Island.  This was my 3rd year doing Catalina Eco and the last two years it was hot and I got heat exhaustion and barely made the ferry ride back. This year I welcomed the overcast cloudy about to rain any moment weather but blessed that it didn't rain until we were in line to board the ferry. The course got re-routed at the last minute because it rained all night and some of the trail got washed out. We still had beautiful rugged trails with views of the Pacific Ocean. I finished my 300 marathon in 6:08:05!  How many more?  I hope to do 1000 marathons in my lifetime.  Seriously!
1st place winner Sarah Lewis from Seattle finished in 3:35:47.  She's young, beautiful, and amazingly fast!  Way to go Sarah! 
299 and a half marathons...Almost there...I love marathoning and over the pass 12 years I have done marathons in all types of weather.  I've DNF (Did Not Finish) three times in my marathon career.  Each DNF was a lesson which lead to getting to know my body and who I am as an athlete.  My race-ume (resume) is very impressive and I'm extremely proud of it because I'm a power walker.  I have done some of the toughest and most brutal races and I have done some of the most beautiful races in the country and Catalina Eco is one of them. I like being surrounded by nature and it's serenity.
Finishing up 300 lifetime marathons!!!  Never give up on your dreams!

My favorite announcer Rudy Novotny made me feel as if I was the winner. Facebook Rudy with your special marathon milestone.  Rudy is also a big fan of first timers.  Thank you Rudy!


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-Deanna Beisser-

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  1. So awesome! Congrats to you on 300 races!

    Any day you can get out and do a marathon is a wonderful day!
    I've been to Catalina and I'd love to do the marathon there sometime.