Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deseret News Marathon - 7-24-2012

Deseret News Marathon - July 24, 2012
Salt Lake City Utah

Deseret News Marathon is the oldest road race in Utah and it's run on Utah's Pioneer Day.  The marathon follows the path that the Utah pioneers followed when they first entered the valley.  The race is a part of Utah's heritage and history.  We were bused at 3:15am to the start at the top of Big Mountain.  The race runs down the Days of 47 Parade route and finishes at the same place the parade finishes at Liberty Park.  Marathon Maniac Evelyn celebrated her 100th marathon.  I finished 6:05:23.

nice to see Evelyn, Julie, Larry, Cowboy, Jim and Frank...

Guinness World Record holders Larry and Yolanda posed for a picture for the Deseret Newspaper
nice course
no excuses people...he's blind!

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