Saturday, December 29, 2012

Death Valley & High Desert 50K 12/1/2012

Death Valley Marathon #105 - 12/2/2012
Death Valley California
Death Valley marathon #105 of the year.  Wow I'm getting close to breaking my Guinness record. This trail marathon runs on gravel road from Beatty, NV through the beautiful and scenic Titus Canyon.  The weather was good and no wind this year.  I finished 6:12:51.
Spectacular Scenery
Titus Canyon
Always fun seeing Deo MM #22
HIGH DESERT 50k  #106 - 12/2/2012
Ridgecrest California
I tied my Guinness record!  The course was a loop route over rolling desert terrain on jeep roads, single-track trails and sandy washes over the Spangler Hills.  Scenic views of the Southern Sierras but brutal and fierce winds!!!  I finished 7:56:40

Brutal winds...

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