Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seattle Quad - 11/22/2012

SEATTLE QUAD - DAY 1 -11/22/2012
Wattle Waddle Marathon - #101
Seattle Washington
(photo courtesy of Takao Suzuki)
The Seattle Quad is 4 marathons in 4 days in 4 difference venues.  The Wattle Waddle Marathon was held at Gas Works Park in Seattle.  The course was pretty, scenic, and it didn't rain.  I finished 6:09:28.
I had the pleasure of seeing MM "Gear Guy" Ray Shaw...
It's always fun with Larry and Leslie...
SEATTLE QUAD - DAY 2 - 11/23/2012
Wishbone Trail Marathon - #102
Gig Harbor Washington
OMG!  It rained all day and I swear we were cold, wet, miserable and unhappy!  Please don't let this picture fool you.  Wishbone Trail Marathon was held in Gig Harbor's beautiful Crescent Forest. I finished unhappy in 8:10:00. read it right over 8 hours. It was brutal!!!...Four loops of 6.5 miles and each loop the puddles became ponds and the ponds became lakes...I was so freaking miserable but I finished.
SEATTLE QUAD - DAY 3 - 11/24/2012
Ghost of Seattle Marathon #103
Seattle Washington
Seattle Quad Day 3 was much better than yesterday and it didn't rain.  I got my "happy" back. The race was held at Seward Park in Seattle and I finished 6:24:00.
SEATTLE QUAD - DAY 4 - 11/25/2012
Seattle Marathon - #104
Seattle Washington
Seattle Quad Day 4, Seattle Marathon.  Yay!  I did it!!!  I finished in 5:47:01...My best time of the 4 marathons.  My body got stronger and faster.  Three more marathons to breaking my own record at the Honolulu Marathon December 9, 2012.
I felt jazzy and strong...
I love my bling!!!
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