Monday, November 5, 2012

Javelina Jundred Miler - 10/27/2012

Fountain Hills Arizona
Javelina Jundred Miler was held in beautiful McDowell Regional Park in Fountain Hills.  I was very nervous about doing Javelina because I had done EC100 Miler the weekend before and this would be my first back to back 100 Miler.  Both EC100 Miler and Javelina have strict cutoffs and a 30 hour limit.  Javelina has six and a half loops on the rolling single track and jeep track of 15.4 mile Pemberton Trail.  The race begins in the clockwise direction and alternates each loop (washing machine style).  Each loop climbs to a high point of 2400 feet.
I had the pleasure of walking the first half with Jennifer...
The temperature got up to the high 80's and I got a mild case of heat exhaustion but managed to keep it under control.
Beautiful Arizona desert with no shade...
Jennifer and Jean are first time Javelina finishers!!!
I stayed focus and never gave up hope even with the heat exhaustion. I started to lose weight and I could feel it so I upped my intake of food and water. (I know my body very well.)  There were a few miles on the trail that was very rocky and I fell and scraped my knee and elbow but I didn't let the fall keep me down.  I got up, dust myself off and continued on.  My weakness is the night so I turned my weakness into my strength.  I faced my fear of the night and power walked a 14-15 minute pace.  I was blessed that it was a beautiful night with a full moon and bright stars.  The night weather was excellent too, low 50's.  As the sun started to rise so did I.  I got a burst of energy and finished Javelina Jundred in 28:11:01.  Unbelievable...back to back 100 Milers!
I just finished the Javelina Jundred and now I am on my way (no sleep) to New Mexico to do the "Day of the Dead Series (Quad)"...Yes that's four marathons in four days.  Check out the "Day of the Dead" blog to see if I'm dead or alive.

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