Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EC100 Miler = 10/20/2012

EC100 MILER - 10/20/2012
Corona, CA
EC100 Miler Endurance Challenge started in Corona and ended at the Santa Monica Pier. The course runs through the coast of Southern California, three counties and 25 cities!  100 miles, 30 hours, 25 cities, 3 counties and 1 cause.  The 100 Mile Club is a physical fitness and life skills project for all individuals based on the goal of running (walking) 100 miles at school or work during a single school year.  The 100 Mile Club goal is to help our runners experience fitness and true personal success through attainable physical fitness goal.  www.100mileclub.com
(pictures courtesy of Jessica Montoya)

Last year I did this race and finished last with a finishing time of 29:57 and this year I was on a mission to not finish last.  I finished in 26:27!!!  I shaved 3 hours and 30 minutes off my time...Can you believe that???  I'm still in awe...
This is mile 97 and I'm still smiling.  I felt strong, excited, motivated and happy to be finishing!  No blisters, no back problems, just pure joy!
 My beautiful buckle...

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  1. Congratulations Yolanda! You are the best! It was great to speak with you on the phone at mile 65 in the middle of the night. I felt like I was right there with you. LOL. Love your blog and keep the smiles coming. Your book about your Road to Guinness and your inspirational quotes are going to inspire me to walk my first marathon some day. Hugs, Felma