Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rio Del Lago 100K and Quadtoberfest - 10/6/2012

Quadtoberfest Day 1 - 10/5/2012
Lake Merced, San Francisco California
Always have a plan B. My plan was to do Quadtoberfest Day 1 which I did and I finished in 7:02:01 and headed to Roseville California to do Rio Del Lago 100 miler. 
RIO DEL LAGO 100K - 10/6/2012
Roseville California
The course was beautiful and scenic and it started and finished at Beals Point.  The course ran through Twin rocks, Horseshoe Bar, Rattlesnake Bar, Auburn Dam Overlook, No Hands Bridge into Cool Fire Station.  I made all the cutoffs but all I could think about was the two black bears that I saw last weekend in Lake Tahoe.  Because I had no one to pace me throughout the night I dropped to the 100K (62 miles).
I tagged along with a team of four runners and one of the runners got sick (thank goodness) and walked with me and we finished together.
Jimmy Dean was the guest speaker and the winner of the Lake Tahoe SUPER triple 20:37:27 and I found out that day that I was the women winner of the Lake Tahoe SUPER Triple 30:41:44!  What an honor and how cool was that???
I finished the 100K in 19:41:08 and got a few hours of sleep and then drove to San Francisco to do Quadtoberfest Day 3.
Beautiful Buckle
Lake Merced, San Francisco California
I made it to the start with 5 minutes to spare and race director Tracy said" What are you doing here, I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow?"  She was so worried that she wouldn't have a medal for me.  I finished 7:12:10
Lake Merced, San Francisco California
I finished day 4 of a quad that wasn't planned with Larry Macon in 7:11:11.  That's how I needed up with 3 marathons and a 100K.
26.2+62.0+26.2+26.2=AWESOMENESS!  Another amazing weekend to my journey to Guinness.  Thank you so much for following my journey.
 Who's bad???

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