Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lake Tahoe Super Triple 9/30/2012

Lake Tahoe California

The Lake Tahoe Triple was my 6th year but my first year attempting the SUPER triple.  The SUPER triple is 3 days of running (walking) around the beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Day one (Friday) we started at Emerald Bay and finished near Spooner Lake.  Day 2 (Saturday) we started near Spooner Lake and finished in Commons Beach in Tahoe City.  The SUPER triple we started at 8pm on Saturday (Day 2, 72 miles) at Pope Beach and finished with Day 3(Sunday) at Pope Beach with the regular marathon which total to 124.4 miles around the beautiful Lake Tahoe!  I had the pleasure of doing the SUPER triple was my good marathon buddy Jennifer and if it wasn't for Jennifer keeping the pace throughout the night, I would not have gotten through it. Also Jennifer and I were Two of only Four WOMEN who have ever finished the Tahoe Super Triple!!!

Day 1 was beautiful and good weather...
I finished Day 1 in 6::05:10
Diana and Cyndie having fun at the triple!
Day 2, postcard beautiful!!!  I love Lake Tahoe...
I met the beautiful Stephanie...She did the Triple Half Marathon...
I set a personal record...5:46:01
Jennifer and I started the Super Triple at 8pm on Saturday night!
Chris made our last 8 miles so much fun!
Chris, Jennifer and I finished the "Lake Tahoe Super Triple"
together...We finished Day 3 in 18:50:33..WOW!!!
Jennifer and I were 1st and 2nd female finishers!
I don't like to brag but the Lake Tahoe SUPER Triple was not easy.  We had altitude, heat, hills, more hills, and not to mention the two big black bears we saw.  Life is full of challenges but if you believe in yourself, your dreams and never give up, you too can accomplish anything you set out to do!   I did and I'm still smiling!
Love the bling!
I would like to give a special "thank you" to Dan for crewing Jennifer and I throughout the night.
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