Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Run4Kids 100 Miler

I had the honor of running (power walking) my 7th 100 miler for the "100 Mile Club".  The 100 Mile Club is a physical fitness and life skills project for all individuals based on the goal of running (walking) 100 miles at school or work during a single school year.  The 100 Mile Club provides the opportunity to run or walk 100 miles at your school.  See their website for more info!
The kids made my day!  What I learned from a six year old.  Meet Sean, he walked with me and I learned that a worm has 5 hearts and a moth lives for 3 weeks.  Sean was so excited for me to see this dead moth.  I had to get down on my knees and look behind a generator.  Sean ran about 4 or 5 miles.  This is Jordan and she said "I only ran about 12 or 13 miles because I helped set up".  Wow, an excuse to why you only ran 12 miles! These kids are amazing and their parents are too. 
We made history!  Three Guinness World Record holders at the same race.  Pat Sweeney, GWR holder for "Most Miles run in the Sand", 94 miles, Jerry Knox, "Fastest Time Dribbling Two Basketballs" and me Yolanda Holder, "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year".
Nice seeing my good friend Raul...
I get asked this question a lot when I do 100 milers.  Do you stop and rest or take naps?  The answer is no.  I don't have that leisure of resting because I'm afraid that I won't make the cutoffs.  I try and make my stops at the aid stations/bathroom one minute or less.  Run4kids 100 Miler had a strict cutoff of 28 hours and I finished 27:33:26.
It took determination, sweat and tears but we finished while many dropped.  Congrats to Jean on her 100 miler PR and Steve for his never give up attitude.
7th 100 Miler
I"m very excited and honored to share that I am one of 10 team members in Run For Tomorrow. Run For Tomorrow is a continuous relay-style run around the world by a ten person team of experienced distance runners.  The team will raise awareness about the importance of healthy living and exercise.  We are also attempting an official Guinness World Record for "Longest Relay".  You can follow us at   Check out our route over 30 countries!

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