Sunday, April 24, 2011


Former and current wheelchair athlete winners.  What an honor to meet these amazing people!
When you are proud of yourself, you show it, you feel it and you know it. It shines in your eyes, the way you speak and the way you carry your very being.  You are proud because you could and you did, you can and you will, you cannot but you know it, and it is still okay.  When you are proud you do, give and share rather than take, talk and promise.  Pride is peaceful service, joy-filled sharing, inner knowing that there is more to come.  Pride does not argue to be right, push to get ahead, step over others to get there and forget them once it does.  Pride is gentle, calm and balanced.  It is not boastful, frightened or hurried.  Pride is pleasant.  Pride is grateful.  Pride is mastery, but most of all, pride is silent.
-Iyanla Yanzant-

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