Monday, March 12, 2012

Catalina Marathon - 3/10/2012

Avalon California

Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon is one of my favorite marathon and is one of the toughest in America with its hills and trails.  There were spectacular views of the ocean and beautiful scenery throughout the island.  This year the weather was picture perfect and I finished the race in 6:45:46.

2am ferry ride with maniacs Raul and Haywood...

Picture perfect...

Perfect weather...
Lot of climbing...

Maniac Andrea making the climb...
Beautiful day on Catalina Island...
Tough it a tender way
Don't spend your life climbing the mountain.  Be the mountain, soft from a distance, but so much stronger than others imagine you to be.  Toughing it out in a tender way.  Enfolding the seeds of all the dreams you have planted, and spending each day and all it brings.  knowing you are capable of riding out any kind of storm.  Taking in the views.  Letting the streams flow.

And simply knowing that seasons will pass and changes will come, but the higher you lift your spirits...the more you will stand in the sun.
-Douglas Pagels-

Riverside California
I'm trying very hard to get used to doing doubles again.  My mind says let's go but my body says no way.  I had the pleasure of seeing Brad and Mary at the Run the Canal Marathon in Riverside.  Each day is a blessing and so is the weather.  I finished in 6:29:07

Keep Believing in your Dreams
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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  1. I've always wanted to run the Catalina Marathon. Thanks for sharing these photos! It looks like a tough but beautiful course. Maybe one of these years.

    Wow, a double! Nicely done!