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Malibu Creek 50K - 3-3-2012

MALIBU CREEK 50K - 3-3-2012
Malibu California
Malibu Creek 50K was held at Malibu Creek State Park, located in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains with spectacular views.  I have done Malibu Creek 50K many times and it's one of my favorite Southern California Trails.  Hundreds of movies, television shows, and commercials have been made in this area.  My first loop (25K) I finished strong in four hours but my second loop I struggled with heat exhaustion and managed to finish 9:07:58.  
Beautiful views.
Very hot!
I finished last and got first place in my age group.  Love it!  Thanks Michael...


It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

People who fulfill their dreams are not merely lucky; neither are they necessarily the most talented.  Rather, they understand the value of perseverance and determination.  They believe that setbacks are simply a means to grow, and that small failures only pave the way for new insights.  They know where they are going even when others do not and believe in their own dreams when others doubt.  Their vision comes from within - and it is always burning in their hearts.
-Lisa Crofton-

Huntington Beach California

Beachmania is held in beautiful Huntington Beach along the scenic bike path.   I was feeling a little weak after yesterday's brutal 50K. I had the pleasure of walking with Rosemarie.  Five years ago Rosemarie lost 110 pounds and managed to keep it off through running.  I finished 7:21:43.
Beautiful March day in California...

Nice seeing my marathon friends Laura & Steve...

They have confidence in themselves
They have a very strong sense of purpose
They never have excuses
They always strive towards perfection
They never consider the idea of failing
They work extremely hard towards their goals
They know who they are
They understand their weaknesses
as well as their strong points
They can accept and benefit from criticism
They know when to defend what they are doing
They are creative
They are not afraid to be a little different
They look for innovative solutions
   that will enable them to achieve their dreams
-Susan Polis Schutz-

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