Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bear Lake, Utah Valley & Holcomb Trail 6/8/2012

Bear Lake Marathon Idaho - 6/8/2012
Garden City Utah - Day 1
I'm back!  Three marathons in three states in three days!  Day 1 was Bear Lake Idaho and I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Larry Macon, "Guinness World Record holder of "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year by a man.  113 marathons in 2011!  Bear Lake Idaho was my third year and my best.  Why?  It didn't rain! This year had an early start at 4am. I finished Day 1 in 6:23:43

Miles of lake views along the course...
The lovely Gypsy Lady Cindy...
The drive into Garden City Idaho was beautiful...
Utah Valley Marathon - 6/9/2012
Provo Utah - Day 2
Utah Valley Marathon in Provo Utah this year hosted the Marathon Maniacs reunion.  It was nice to see and meet many Maniacs.  The course was beautiful, fast and scenic. I finished Day 2, 6:12:38
The course was scenic and pretty...
I love my bling...

Holcomb Valley Trail Run (33 miles) - 6/10/2012
Big Bear Lake California - Day 3
Day 3 was awesome.  Holcomb Valley Trail Run 33 Miler was held in beautiful Big Bear Lake California.  I was a little afraid of the altitude which was not a problem this year.  I felt strong and full of energy.  The course is a beautiful loop on Forest Service Roads and the Pacific Crest Trail with gorgeous views of Big Bear Lake.  I finished 9:11:50

Ultra Ladies...looking good!
beautiful views...

a pretty rocky crossing...
Thanks Race Director Gary for a race well done!
 I finished 3 marathons (and beyond) in 3 states in 3 days!

"We can scare ourselves or inspire ourselves...We are the architects of our own attitudes and experiences. We design the world by the way we choose to see it."
-Barry Neil Kaufman-
"My Journey to Guinness" book is now available!

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