Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Canyon Meadows & Diablo Trail Marathon 6/3/2012

Canyon Meadows Marathon - 6/3/2012
Oakland California

Canyon Meadows trail marathon is located in Oakland and the course travels through beautiful Redwood Regional Park.  The trail has spectacular views and wind through tall redwoods.  It was a pleasure to meet Jackie from Waco Texas.  I finished 7:46:24

that was a dirty course...

Diablo Trail Marathon - 6/2/2012
Clayton California

Mount Diablo has spectacular views of San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas.  The course is very technical and difficult with two trips to the summit.  Actually it's very hard and the course made me cry!  I finished crying 8:09:39. 
Get your feet wet with new experiences, but be sure you never get in over your head.  Try to realize how capable you are, and that your possibilities are unlimited.  Never give in to negative thinking; it saps your energy for so many other things.  And keep responding in a positive way to the challenges life always bring.  And it's okay to cry...
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