Monday, December 14, 2015

i Walk, you Run, we Both get it done!

Make 2016 the year to exceed ALL of your fitness goals.  Take on a fitness challenge, raise YOUR bar, sign up for an event, try something new and keep believing in yourself and your fitness goals.  If you trust the process, eat clean, workout consistently, make healthy choices and keep believing you'll see results.  And remember, success NEVER comes to those who quit.
You wonder why I walk so much...I wonder why you don't...
-Walking Diva-

Why Walk? Um… Finally an exercise that’s simple and easy to do with a lot of benefits.  It may not be flashy or cool but I think it is, but it’s a growing sport and if done often and properly can deliver an array of benefits that are just as impressive as those often gained from sportier regimens.  You might call walking America’s growing trend. 

Who knew...
Have a good workout and a fabulous day!

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