Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dreams That Come True - August 7, 2011

Having fun at the San Francisco Marathon!

Dreams that come true...

If you had no limitations, what would you choose to achieve? If you could get up from where you are right now and go to do literally anything, what exactly would it be?
You instinctively know there are things that matter to you more than anything else. It’s important to remind yourself specifically of what they are.
You may not be able to fully achieve your ideal life right now. Yet you absolutely can take very clear, definite and effective actions today to move your life in the direction of that ideal.
With every choice, with each decision, you are progressing in one way or another. Know clearly where you want to go, and even the little moments will bring you closer.
Your life is a continuing manifestation of your most firmly held intentions. So focus on the intentions that you most sincerely and passionately desire.
The dreams that come true are the dreams with which you are most intimately and consistently familiar. Know precisely what you want, and the living of your life will make it real.
— Ralph Marston

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