Tuesday, October 25, 2011

EC 100 MILER - October 22, 2011


The 100 Mile Endurance Challenge runs through Southern California.  The course starts in Corona and ends at the Santa Monica Pier.  I finished 29:57:00. 
I felt strong, energetic and excited.
Kara the founder of the 100 Mile Club

Keenan, me, Jakob, Mieko and Ed...excited and ready to start...
I made it to mile 25 and I only lost 3 pounds...still feeling great, excited and happy. It was 88 degrees...

Nice scenery along the way...
My back was hurting and I developed the Larry Macon lean!
Both feet have blisters and I'm still smiling...12 more miles!!!
Yes I'm running!  I only had 5 minutes to get to the finish line...
I did it!!! 100 miles in 29:57:00  I finished last but I finished!!!
Thanks Jean!
I was the top fundraiser and won this beautiful quilt...I raised $895 for the 100 Mile Club ( www.100mileclub.com ) whose focus is addressing childhood obesity one school at a time.
It took determination to get this buckle!

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

People who fulfill their dreams are not merely lucky;  neither are they necessarily the most talented.  Rather, they understand the value of perseverance and determination.  They believe that setbacks are simply a means to grow, and that small failures only pave the way for new insights.  They know where they are going even when others do not and believe in their own dreams when others doubt.  Their vision comes from within - and it is always burning in their hearts.
-Lisa Crofton-


  1. This is so cool - you continue to amaze me! Not sure I can wrap my mind around a running Walking Diva though - too funny! How you can smile so late when feeling so much pain is beyond me, but that's just part of what makes you so special. Congrats!

  2. You are an inspiration. :) 100 miles is something I can't wrap my mind around to finish in just over a day. That is awesome!

  3. Wow... you are going for Guinness?? Amazing. You can do it. The determination we had, the last stretch of long long 15 miles on bike path... when we see the Santa Monica pier ... but it was still so far far away... fighting with the time and pain want to give up but do our best to move and make to the goal. I thought I was the last one the day... but when I heard you are coming in... they said 3 more minuets, I forgot my pain on my legs and jumped up and down to cheered for you... I love ultra community. Finishing time... who cares, we FINISHED. 100 miles without sleep and rest... I cannot wait to see you somewhere on the trail/race... Mieko 100EC #115