Sunday, October 2, 2011

In the "Spotlight" with Angie from Utah

Meet Angie the most famous marathoner in Utah! Angie puts the fun in marathoning!!! 
I was an avid runner in High School (even before that actually), but an injury side-lined me my senior year thus ending my running career. To tell you the truth, I was thrilled with that news. As a teenager, I was sick of training everyday instead of hanging out with my friends. I just wanted to have fun and didn't care if I ran ever again.
I moved to New York City after college where I worked in the fashion industry and as a professional dancer (teaching, performing, etc.). Forward 20 years- I met my husband, got married, and relocated to Salt Lake City in 2008.

Giving up my dance career, I needed a healthy outlet to stay fit, so I decided to register for the 5K walk held during the Deseret Marathon. I finished the run/walk and felt great! The first place marathoner was just coming to the finish line as I finished and got got such a rush, that I stayed at the finish line for 2 more hours, just cheering for runners as they came in. I called my twin sister (who had already run 12 marathons herself) and shared my excitement. I never thought I would like (let alone love) to run again. She told me I should find a Jeff Galloway Training group and train to run a marathon myself! So I did!
In April 2009 I ran my first marathon at the Salt Lake City Marathon. By November I had run 5 marathons and qualified for the Marathon Maniacs. In 2010 I took over as Program Director of Jeff Galloway Training here in Salt Lake City and with 25 marathons (26 this Saturday at St. George) under my belt, I try to inspire others to get off the couch, have fun, and enjoy the fellowship and friendship running has to offer. I am currently working towards running a marathon in all 50 States and finally got into the 50 States Club! Whoo Hoo!
Angie Whitworth Pace
Marathon Maniac #1975

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