Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Camarillo & Running from a Angel Marathon - 1-8-2012

Camarillo Marathon had winds gusting to 46 mph!!! I had ten miles of strong gusting head winds but I managed to finish 6:18:50.
Happy New Year Todd and welcome back Guillermo...we missed you...

 Wishing you many marathons in 2012 Eddie, Charles and Hector!

Be at peace with yourself.  If you are not at peace with yourself, you are at peace with nothing.

Running from a Angel Marathon
January 7, 2012
Beautiful blue skies and perfect temperatures at Lake Mead. Running from a Angel is one of my favorite winter marathon.  I finished 6:15:20

Keep going.  That pain you feel?  That's fear melting away.  Like wax off a candle.  That's weakness washing out of your pores like a monsoon.  That's the old you being shed away like dead skin.  That's the new you, rising out of the ashes of your former self.
- Author Unknown-

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  1. I pray that I will never have to do a walk like this one and I admire those that do. Todd, great seeing your picture again with that gorgeous body. There is always something sexy about men walking barefoot.