Sunday, January 1, 2012

Across the Years 72/48/24 Hour Run


Across The Years is a fixed-time multiday running event celebrating the New Year.  Runners have 24, 48, or 72 hours to cover as much distance as possible.  I walked the 48 hour event.  Each runner is free to run, walk, stop, eat and sleep whenever they wish, but the clock is always running.  I met this amazing young woman, Jameelah, stay tuned for her story.  Sneak preview:  She drove from Atlanta to Phoenix, was 10 hours late, got out of her car and started running and ran the first 12 hours non stop at a 9-10 minute mile pace!!! Unbelievable...
 The race was held at Camelback Ranch in Glendale Arizona.  Camelback Ranch is the spring training facility for the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The course is a 1.05 mile loop on primarily gravel path with short sections of asphalt and concrete. The course features beautiful desert landscaping, lush greenery, and a lake with waterfall.

Congratulations Tony "Endorphin Dude"!  Tony made Titanium!  52 marathons in 52 weeks!  You are truly an inspiration.

Congrats to Cyndie, second place Marathon Maniac of the Year!!!  You are awesome my friend!

It was a pleasure to walk a few miles with Western State 100 Mile finisher Tammy from Maryland.

It was fun camping out but at night it dropped down to the low 30's.  I finished 105 miles in less than 36 hours.  Across the Years was an awesome race and an excellent race for first timers.  The food was the best. I have four buckles!!!

Never say never, challenge yourself, dream big, set goals, believe you can and you will achieve your goals.  Happy 2012!
-Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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