Monday, April 23, 2012

Labor of Love Marathon & 50 Miler 4-21-2012

Labor of Love Marathon and 50 Miler - Love Me Two Times
Lovell Canyon Nevada
Wow! Last year it was snowing and this year the heat was on!!!  Labor of Love, "Love Me Two Times" is a 2 day running festival offering back to back distance ranging from a 10K to a 100 Miler.  I signed up for three events and with the heat I could only finish two events, the marathon and 50 miler.  The heat and elevation was not my friend this year.  I finished the marathon 7:03:06 and the 50 miler 15:22:25.
Badwater finisher and MM Terry from Washington...The heat was his friend and he won 3rd place in 100 Miler!
Gorgeous scenery
Martha looking good!
Phil age 77 and recovering from a stoke...he finished 7:07:49
That's how dark it lights, no moon but beautiful stars...(okay I was a little scared)
Beautiful shirt and nice medals...

"I made a pact with myself to never complain about an event I've successfully finished.  No matter what my finish time or pace. I will cross the line with a pocket full of gratitude.  Records are meant to be broken, but those moments are far and few between.  Every adventure offers an opportunity to evolve, explore, and celebrate life.  And that is the gift that keeps on giving."
-Jenny Hadfield-

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  1. Hi Yolanda,
    Thanks for sharing your flashlight with me on the 50 miler. And for motivating me to walk a little bit faster!
    See you at another race...Lori