Monday, July 2, 2012

Hermosa 24 Hour Run - 6/30/2012

Hermosa 24 Hour Run - 6-30-2012
Hermosa Beach California

Hermosa Beach 24 Hour Run was challenging!  The course was a 3.36 loop that started at Hermosa Pier to Manhattan Pier and back.  The weather was clear blue skies, over 70 degrees with a nice ocean breeze.  The race started at noon and my goal was to finish 10 loops for a total of 33 miles.  Running in the soft sand gave me an entire body workout.  The hardest part was to maintain a pace.  I have the endurance but running (power walking) took a lot of stamina.  My first loop I wore my green GoRuns and half way through the loop my shoes filled with sand.  My second loop I wore regular socks and my socks filled with sand.  My next loop I wore a pair of New Balance shoes and they filled with sand also.  Finally I tried my pink compressor socks and they worked wonderful!  I saw lots of runners wearing sand socks but I got mixed reviews.  My feet are fine and I finished 8 loops for a total of 26.44 miles in 11:53:46.
Guinness World Record holder Patrick Sweeney broke his record! He ran 94 miles and made it look effortless!  Congrats Patrick.
I was in good company with the beautiful Jay and fabulous Mieko!
I got to meet a friend in common Tatsunori from Philadelphia and he came in second place with 73 miles!
I'm fabulous fit and over fifty.  Life is what you make it!  Make your life grand by trying something new.  Dream big, never give up and keep believing in yourself.

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  1. Really Inspirational Article, Continuously 24 hours running is really challenging Work. Great Job! Glad to know that you completed it. God Bless You!