Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In the Spotlight with "Rene"

Meet Rene
My story my life I was born a healthy baby girl. At 13 years old I had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized but they did not know what happened to me. Because years later they discovered that I suffered from PTSD. I was sexually molested as a child and had suppressed memories. I was diagnosed in 1992 as being bipolar after being in a severely mentally and physically abusive relationship. I was told I was permanently disabled. Then I went on disability. Being put on medicines and basically being in a coma state and began having serious mental blocks of my life. With all the medicine I began to put on the pounds. I was also led to believe I could never have a child because of endometriosis. Well I met this man back in 1997 and then I got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy in 1999. They thought with me having a child and a husband everything would be fine.

Well having bipolar just does not go away. I also now found out I had a thyroid condition gaining weight again then down the line they discovered I had fibromyalgia. I had tried so many diets but kept gaining weight being overweight and having fibromyalgia I was almost immobilized. I was getting more depressed not liking how I looked not being healthy at all. I started sheltering myself from life. Then I decided with the assistance of my caseworker Margret who had WLS when it first came out. I began to research about WLS then I was checking on the computer for information and I kept seeing about people loosing hair call me vain but it scared me I backed off. Then a year later I was so tired of living the way I was and researched more about weight loss surgery. I started making appointments to prepare for surgery, with the help of my caseworker walking me through every step and every appointment. It took about 8 months because they are so thorough thank God. Then it was time for the WLS. I had some people close to me that were very negative towards my decision to have surgery. But it was all about me and my life so I was not going to let anyone stop me. After my surgery it was different. I lost a total of 108lbs from my heaviest weight.
 I started walking with a friend of mine, Maryann, who was one of the captains of a running team called WRTT. I was scared to walk with the team. How could I walk with WRTT? Walking with Maryann felt good there was a Mohawks 5k coming up in 2 weeks I decided I can do this. I sighed up only trained for 2 weeks. She walked it with me and encouraged me the whole way. I kept thanking her because I felt I would not have been able to do it without all her support. I ran through the finish line OMG what a thrill I was facing my fears head on. I felt unstoppable. So now I wanted to join WRTT I signed up. They were such a positive group of people. I began running 5ks then one day a member of WRTT Karina posted about a race Blessing of the Fleet and I noticed it first thing in the morning. I had an appointment went to my appointment came back it was still there I had to ask about it how much she could not go and she wanted someone to use it. God Bless her it was free. Well I wanted to go and I did not even know where it was. I messaged Maryann she said she would get out of work early and come with me. I did not know it was 10 miles I thought it was 10k but l I was persistent to finish my first long race all by myself with a beautiful view by the beach. I prayed through this race you can do it well was fine until they took the cones down and it began to get dark. The traffic opened back up. Well only I would get lost I realized I had gone too far. When I saw the highway oh no I had to try to find my way to the end no one around for a while then I began to see people and kept asking how I get to the finish of the race. I kept praying only God could get me through. I prayed for my friend to not be scared when she did not see me. I was so happy and so high on life when I finished.
Then I was told my leg was sprained before the race but it was healed I could run again well a few weeks later I had to go see an orthopedic he said I had osteoarthritis in my knee and I needed shots called orthovisk but first I had it continue my own therapy. I was taught in physical therapy to make my leg stronger for the shots. I could do everything except run I thought my world had ended. I came home and cried like a baby. Well about 8 weeks later I go back now I am just waiting for approval to begin and then after treatment I can run again I cannot wait.

I am going to train for a marathon. Watch out there’s no stopping me. Then I am also going back to school. I have not completely decided on my field. But know this peeps I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me anything is possible keep the faith.
-Rene Lomba-

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