Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018 Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge

Take the Challenge

The 3100 Mile Race was no joke it ate me alive I lost close to 20 pounds.  This year I’ll be trying new nutrition products eating more energy foods and protein while training.  I’ll post here and on Facebook Walking Diva athlete page my training.  Take the “Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge” and train with me.  You determine how extreme and challenging;  if your goal is to run/walk, bike, hike 10 miles daily for 52 straight days you must train not only your body but your mind.  

It takes 21 days to start or break a habit.  You can’t just get up on June 17th and go run/walk 10 miles, believe me, by Day 3 you will have so many excuses as to why you can’t run/walk today.  Many of you have jobs, family, kids, a dog, etc. however, if you make a decision, commit to your fitness goals, believe in yourself and have a NO EXCUSE attitude 10 miles a day or more for 52 straight days is POSSIBLE.  

 I power walked 60 miles + a day for 52 straight days to reach 3100 miles.  Go to my website and sign up today and let’s get this 3100 Miles of Smiles party started.  

Tip:  Set your fitness goals high and then break it down here is an example:  If your goal is 10 miles daily start with 3 miles daily for the first week.  You work?  1.5 miles before work and 1.5 miles after work.  Keep it positive and think of all the excuses why you should take the challenge and Train Baby Train!

-Walking Diva- 

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