Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Athletes Eat and Train

Walkers Eat and Train like Athletes
First you must stop telling yourself your too old then you must train like a athlete.  My day started at 6am with a beautiful sunrise and a 6 mile power walk.  I took it easy today yesterday's workout has me a little sore.  
We all have it in us, step up your fitness game!!!  Daily Headstand Day 30 of 365 on my journey to the 3100 Mile Race.  Daily headstands helps strengthens your back, arms, shoulders and abs.  My friend Teresa Jordan introduced me to headstanding in 2016 I took her challenge to do a headstand daily for 365 days and I did it and loved it.  This year Teresa brought back the 365 Days Headstand Challenge and what I like about this challenge is it keep you accountable and focus and it has many great health benefits.   
Nutrition is very important especially for me because I don't like to eat when I'm racing.  At Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race last year I lost close to 20 pounds.  I'm trying different foods and supplements.  

Training is not one of my favorite things to do however, one must train to be successful.  I worked my back and chest with a few reps of pectoral fly and push ups between each set of reps which total to 70 push ups.  My upper body is weak I was able to do 8 assisted dip/chin pull ups and believe me when I say it was hard!
A few weeks ago I was disqualified at the USATF Race Walk Nationals at mile 17.  I view failures as stepping stones to something amazingly awesome that God has planned for me.  I also use them as training tools and now I'm taking my race walking serious by practicing the race walk form and technique.  I think I did pretty well.
I like to end my gym workout relaxing in the sauna and sometimes I break out a headstand.  
Remember you're never too old to set a new fitness goal or to dream a new fitness goal.  I'm training for the 3100 Mile Race and you can train with me and join the 2018 Virtual Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes 52 Days Challenge.  Sign up here and Train Baby Train!

Keep moving and smiling!
-Walking Diva-

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