Monday, May 16, 2011

Pasadena Marathon - May 15, 2011

The Pasadena Marathon is one of my favorite marathons.  Despite a rainy start I had fun and ended a third Pasadena marathon smiling!  I finished 6:35:43
It was a pleasure to see the beautiful and awesome Nadia!
I saw Maniac Hector last month at the Labor of Love 100 miler and he finished his first 100 miler.  Well Hector is at it again.  This was Hectors first double!  He did Palos Verdes marathon yesterday and here today at Pasadena marathon.  Congrats Hector!  What's next?  Lake Tahoe Triple?
This is Carolina and it's her first full marathon!  Congrats girl you did it!!!
There were many Maniac Divas on the course...
You will always see Amazing Joe "aka" Jo Jo Starbuck on the course too!
It stopped raining and the sun came out...Yay!
Alberto the Barefoot runner

Beautiful medal this year!

To appear strong, we offten try to hide our struggles.  But keeping our problems locked within us only serves to isolate us from people who care about us and who want to help or comfort us.  The less willing you are to share your problems with loved ones and friends, the more those problems will come to overwhelm you- and the greater effect those problems will have on your life and your health.
David Niven, PH.D.

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  1. You always look so happy doing all these races but you look especially smiley in these pics. That medal is awesome. Weird that I decided not to run this one since it is so close to my parents' place. Glad to see that you had a nice time despite the threat of rain. That race always seem to be linked with rain for some odd reason. I spy Emil!