Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nanny Goat 12/24/100 Miler 5-26-2012

Nanny Goat 12/24 Hour and 100 Miler Endurance Run
May 27, 2012 - Riverside, CA

Nanny Goat 12/24 Hour Endurance Run is held in Riverside California on a one mile dirt loop on a private horse ranch. This was my 4th year doing Nanny Goat and my best year.  I have no excuse to why I only completed 50 miles.  I was having my best race with no blisters, no stomach issues and the weather was perfect.  Nanny Goat is a fun race with good food, fun ultra runners, the best volunteers and a awesome race director! I finished 50 miles in 12:50:12...

Camp "Walking Diva"...

Marathon buddies Deo and Laura...
Keeping the pace and while stuffing my face...
The ladies in pink...
Congrats Rachel 100 miles in 25:20:12!!!
Fred you are a Rock Star!!!  Congrats on your 100 miler!
Still stuffing my face...I said Nanny Goat has good food...I come back every year just for the food...Keeping it honest:-) 
I love my medal and thank you Steve for another race well done!

Memorial Day Marathon - 5/28/2012
Long Beach California

The Memorial Day Marathon is run along a lake with views of the marina and oceanfront homes.  The course has six loops of 6.37 miles and I had the pleasure of running with Karen and Chris.  I finished in 6:46:14.

I may not be Fast
I may be Last
but I do it with Class 
-Walking Diva-

Keep Believing in yourself and your Dreams!
-Jason Blume-

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