Monday, May 21, 2012

Pasadena Marathon 5-20-2012

Pasadena Marathon - May 20, 2012
Pasadena California
This was my 4th year doing the Pasadena Marathon and my best.  I had so much fun and was treated like a celebrity.  Pasadena has one of the most beautiful course in Southern California.  The weather is always unpredictable and this year 90 degrees.  No heat exhaustion for me and I finished 6:31:20.  Together again with Julie Weiss and she is running 52 marathons benefiting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

VIP...I guess you can say I'm a "Marathon Celebrity"
I'm Fabulous, Fit, over Fifty and having FUN!!!  I went from the couch to marathons and so can you!!!  I spend my money on marathons not meds...
Dr. Moses turned 80 May 1, 2012 and he said "I only run one marathon a month"  This is Dr.Moses 3rd marathon this month!  I want what he's drinking at age 80!
Love my lime green SKECHERS!!!
I got talked about real bad at Pasadena marathon.  I got called:  Best dress, you look hot (it was 90 degrees), you look sexy, love your outfit, love your lime green shoes, wow, you don't look like your running (walking) a marathon, you look cute, you look like you're going to a party, and this one I have never heard before;  You look feminine!  That's my point ladies!!!  You can look fabulous while running a marathon and it makes you feel good about yourself.  I may not be fast and I may be last but I feel  gorgeous crossing the finish line at age 54!!!

Thank you Kirk...
Congrats Marathon Mitch...100 marathons...

Born to Run 50K - May 19, 2012
Los Olivos California

Born to Run 50K was held at the beautiful East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos California located in the heart of the Santa Barbara wine country.  The course is a 20 mile loops of single and double track trail with rolling hills.  I finished 8:07

 beautiful trails
my last loop...
barefoot runner...

Let Your Life Be a Wonderful Adventure!

Let your life be an exploration. Let people and places be a part of your life, and experience each and every unique situation with a sense of wonder and delight.

Look in all directions to seek out the answers you long to know, and discover the secrets that keep questioning your heart.  Be willing to make changes and be ready to face the challenges.  Accept the opportunities that present themselves, and endure and cope with difficulties that can arise from time to time.

Remember that there is no one way to live your life, but a thousand different ways for each of us to be.  Make your life the way you want it to be and create a lifestyle that brings you happiness.

Search for your true meaning in life by devoting yourself to your ideals, and enjoy your wonderful adventure through time by making every day special.
-Deanna Beisser-

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